Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm kneeling on the super sized bed with my face pressed against the porthole in our lush stateroom. No balcony here but we have a huge window to view the sea. I watch the crew as they slip the gigantic ropes off the dock and slowly we start to move away from land. The blue sky is filled with puffy white clouds. The sun shines upon the water turning it a marvelous shade of aqua as the slight breeze ripples the still waters. A holiday trip awaits hubby and me.
Then, the light bulb (actually it seemed like a floodlight) goes off. OMG, I realize that my much needed can't live without medicine is home on the kitchen counter. It's not granite just the neutral Formica. My light bulb and my blood pressure blows and goes dark.
What to do? Jump ship? Cancel the voyage? Ask the captain to wait till I go home (1 hour) and return to the ship (another hour) so we can begin our cruise? I'm sure that would go over like a deflated life raft.
I'm in panic mode. I take in my deep belly yoga breathes and try to relax. The light comes back on - dimly - like the lower part of the dimmer switch. I call my pharmacist and spill the awful truth. A few tears and hiccups seals the deal. He doesn't laugh, criticise or lecture me. I tell him our first stop is Key West. He calmly informs me that he will call the pharmacy in Key West and have my much needed life sustaining medicine ready for my retrieval on the next day. He also assures me that one day with out my meds will not cause my death.
I'm thinking after we disconnect from the line there's lots of laughter at the pharmacy. If only my head were attached better to the rest of my body or my brain worked in a more normal pattern.
The next day we race to the pharmacy to pick up the much needed medicine and relaxed a bit as we toured the island. We lunched with my brother spent money on trinkets and t-shirts and moved on to the next port. Mexico was hot and our adventure was exciting. More trinket shopping and back to the ship on time. We sailed away into the night with stars lighting our way back to the states. The cruise was enchanting and restful. Christmas at sea is a happy experience especially when you have your life sustaining medicine. It could have been worse or worser. When we returned home from the cruise I read the headline, 'Woman Lost At Sea.' I wonder if she had forgotten her medicine and jumped over board to swim back to shore to retrieve her meds? Or my gut feeling is that the husband pushed her over the rail. I wonder if my hubby had similar notions?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stomach View

I have 'motion sickness', the extreme kind. Most likely it's psychological but then that's me. I can get ill just watching a roller coaster I don't even need to get on it to be sick.

I remember when I was a teen (so many moons ago) when I and a friend went on this stand up ride that twirled around. You were strapped in and it twirled faster and faster and then pivoted. After the third rotation I closed my eyes and was terrified to open them again. When the ride from hell stopped I couldn't even unbuckled myself. Some kind young man standing next to me helped. Such a kind soul and I repaid him with my lunch on his shoes.

We're getting ready for the cruise and I have been in a panic. I have my 'Bonine' packed and ready to use. The trip and my affliction have been a constant mess swirling in my thoughtless head. I obsess with minor details till their death. Last night being so preoccupied with the fact that I may get sick again on a cruise - I fell into dreamland. My dreams - so real - woke me from slumber. OMG - I was seasick in bed. I could barely make it to the bathroom. What will happen when I walk the plank onto a real ship and she starts to rock? If my dreams can make me sick what about the real world? Woe is me as I continue to clash with reality and the real world. Take me away - a better place - a secret place -a hiding place.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Kisses

Sow only shadows into moonlight,
plant only love,
as regret starts each day at sunset.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Troll Toes

I own a German Shepard or to be honest - he owns me, us, the house, the furniture , the car and some of the neighbors. The pack leader mentality is truly his. We are his servants. And one of those servant services is constantly cleaning up his EXCESSIVE hair. We have giant dust hair bunnies that weigh in at 5 pounds. Dark green furniture and dog hair do not mix well or help your home make the cover of Coastal Home Living magazine.

We have dog hair in every conceivable place in our home and even places that would not appear in your wildest dreams or fantasies. The dog sheds like Niagara Falls. Constantly and excessively his hair multiplies like wild horny rabbits. He leaves no bed skirt unscathed. I find dog hair in the refrigerator. How gross is that. Hair, hair everywhere but we love the old fool who has us trained.

The holidays are fast approaching and I purchased these lovely new foot adornments called - Fitflops. High end flipflops with a mission. Firm those buns. Tighten those saggy calves. Show the world that you are not afraid to push the envelope.

I decided since we had dress down week at work and flip-flops are on the naughty list that I would break the rules and wear my new Fitflops. The toes were in a sad sorry state of affairs so something was needed to bring those toes up to snuff. The color red is bold, sassy, bright and the only color nail polish I could find without leaving home and spending $20.00 bucks. I gussied up those 10 deformed toes of mine with that slightly old and out of date red nail polish and walked around the house to dry my little piggies. I assumed that nail polish several years old does not degrade and take more than mere minutes to dry completely. I'm back to my assuming again.

I slipped my trampy red painted toes into my new Fitflops and off I went to work. I'm not entirely sure when I finally looked down at my spiffy new flip flops and my cherry red painted toes but the shock was enough to raise the blood pressure and embarrassment to the same shade of red on my piggy toes.

Did I mention that I own or actually am owned by a big robust German Shepard that sheds his hair faster than the stock market drops? Do I need to mention that still wet red nail polish attracts massive amounts of dog hair? OMG!!! I have troll feet!!! I'm at work with this - this - hair protruding from my toes that are elegantly painted trampy red. And the polish is dry and hard as the rock of ages. The hair is cemented to my trampy red painted toes. And I have to face the world.
This little piggy stays home, this little piggy goes to work and all the little piggies painted bright-bold red encased in lovely new Fitflops are mutants.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where is Caylee?

Through our minds, hearts and eyes and that of the media WE the People have tried, convicted and sentenced Casey Anthony for the crime of murder. Not just any murder - but that of murdering her child. We have not an ounce of sympathy for her or her parents. What must the grandparents be going through? A hell on earth!
They stand by their daughter steadfastly. What would you do? What if this were your child being accused of this heinous crime? Would you throw them to the wolves or support them? Such a precarious position to be placed in while the rest of the world is against you.
Ignoring all the lies and deceit I wanted this child to be found alive. Still, in the back recesses of my mind I am hoping she is alive and this is not her remains found dumped in the woods. Statistics say... point the finger to the parents but....what if? If we had to walk even a block in George and Cindy's footsteps what would we feel? Where would our thoughts be?
I feel so much pain for the entire family. They love their daughter and grandchild but now both of them have been ripped from their arms. I watch people on the news shows screaming at them as if it were also their crime. Unfortunately, it is or will be their crime for eternity.
I would absolutely not want to trade places with these distraught grandparents for anything. Their world has collapsed and they are trapped forever in this limbo-hell. I believe they will never accept the probably true fact that their child committed a horrible act.
I still have this tiny glimmer of hope (that is fading fast) that Caylee may still be alive.
I watched a program on the Eisenberg case a few nights ago - another Florida tragedy. Another child missing - this one never found. Her parents accused of the crime with the stigma forever molded to their lives. We also tried and convicted them through the media.
Why do we do this?

Monday, December 15, 2008

3 things

3 ...Things I am happy about.


1. The dog stays off the couch. Those mouse traps under newspapers works quite well.

2. Walking around the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas decorations. YES, I can say Christmas instead of holiday.

3. Bubble bath for my tub.

Find three things that make you happy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catholic Girls

Last night we attended a fund raiser at a Catholic School and it sure brought back memories of my school years. Uniforms, saddle shoes and a sense of security.

What really struck me last night was the politeness of the students. They acted like responsible, considerate and happy teenagers. What a great experience. If only we could all pass on this joy to the rest of the world.

Three things I am thankfor for....make that four

1. a wonderful hubby....
2. great kids....
3. peace and contentment inside myself....
4. good friends....

Thursday, December 11, 2008


My insomnia has risen its ugly teeth again. It has annoyed me all week long. I just need to get some sleep. Sleep deprivation is making me into a zombie with black bags under my eyes.

Every night I have a cup of tea to relax me and help me sleep. Hello - read the label. Caffeine!!!!!

Tonight there will be NO tea.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stone Crab Claws - Dangerous

I went to the local seafood shop and picked up two huge stone crab claws. I needed theses luscious pieces of seafood for my seafood chowder. At $11.99 a pound there nearly broke the bank. This is the reason I only bought two claws and even two were quite pricey.
This would be my first time devouring this tasty morsels. Sometimes you just need to live dangerously.
The little buggers were already cooked so I needed to open them up and plop them in the chowder. That task was more difficult than I had imagined. Just crab claws I thought. HA.
I could not find my nut crackers - they were nowhere to be found. My solution was to get a wrench thingy from the garage and wack them open. Not an easy task. The claws were rather chunky and the wrench thingy would not fit around them. So I hit them several times with the wrench thingy - nothing. These guys were like stone. Hmmm, stone crabs - what a great name.
I beat at them with fury and finally a little crack appeared. I foolishly thought I could pry them open and get at that sweet meat. A task involving lots of frustration. I pounded them with the wrench thingy and somehow that lifeless claw reached over and ripped the skin right off my palm. OUCH!!!!
Today I have this ugly red (probably infected) slash across the palm of my hand from the big black claw. But - the seafood chowder was superb. My first and last time buying stone crab claws and using that wrench thingy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Recycle Recession

Recycling is now in a recession. Since so many manufacturing plants are closing there is not a great need for plastic, aluminum, copper or paper to make new products.

The sad fact is recycled materials have dropped in value. Not enough money to make a profit so we slack off and quit recycling altogether. Money is the root of all evil.

More litter will grace our roadsides, landfills will increase and the recycling fad will disappear. I do not think it is a fad nor do I personally profit from recycling. I recycle for my environment.

Money seems to rule society. I urge everyone to continue to recycle.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vernon, Florida

I just watched a documentary by Errol Morris called Vernon, Florida. It was produced in 1981. Many of the townspeople were appalled when the film premiered. They stated it viewed their town in a negative light.

The documentary included several old men, a police officer and a turkey hunter. The turkey hunter must have had the turkeys giblets and other parts in his mouth because to understand what he was trying to say was difficult and boring. Apparently he lives and breathes turkey killing. He saves their feet and beard and has them hanging on a plaque. I suppose this is better than a deer head above the fireplace.

The other old men or perhaps I should refer to them as 'seniors' just rambled on about stuff, like a muddy river and gofer tortoises. Once again extremely hard to decipher their words and make sense out of what they were talking about. Eccentric men with a passion for life through their eyes.

Vernon is in the Florida panhandle, west of the state capital Tallahassee. The Florida panhandle is interesting and desolate country. After watching the film I would love to visit Vernon and see what the town has to offer today. On the front cover of the DVD it states - An Unforgettable Film, and it is. I'm sure it did not win any awards or Oscars. It's a little quirky, bizarre and at times boring. I'm glad I watched this documentary as it gives me a different perspective on Florida. This would be what some refer to as the REAL Florida.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Juice or Poison?

We hear about China and the junk that is placed in baby formula, toothpaste, etc. and the lead that they paint our children's toys with and I am horrified.

I have been trying to improve my health so I read labels and try to buy healthy food products.
Today as I was reading the label on a bottle of juice (made in America) I noticed that acetate is one of the ingredients. I almost freaked out and dropped the bottle right there in aisle 3 of the grocery store. I put the bottle of juice with the label saying 100% juice but not mentioning the acetate right back on the shelf.

I looked up acetate on the Internet and freaked out even more.

I have purchased a juicer to make my own.

Animal Behavior

I have 5 cute, adorable turtles, Big Al, Cooter, Cracker, Romeo and Juliet in my backyard pond. I love sitting by the pond, feeding them, talking to them and yes, they do listen to me. It's very relaxing watching them watching me and wondering what they are thinking. I hand feed them krill their favorite food product. I also give them live tadpoles when available. I do this to help with their hunting skills just in case they ever have to be released to the wild. Since the cold spell has hit Florida my buddies have taken refuge at the bottom of the pond. They don't swim up to greet me or bask on the rocks. I sit by the pond and call them by name but I am ignored.

The cat Martha has gotten quite irritable lately. She wants to be fed 24 hours a day. She's so fat now that she waddles when she walks across the room. I am giving her a low cal food and she is not a happy camper. She whines and yells every time you walk by her and runs to her food dish. If she is not compensated she swats at you with her dagger claws. Most of the time she catches my arm as I walk by and leaves her mark. I go through a box of band aids every week. This morning to makes matters worse she up-chucked all over the kitchen counter. Thank you Martha that was so very appetizing.

Then, Ron the beastly dog has been caught sleeping on the couch. His hair clinging to the cushions was the giveaway. He has a brand new dog bed but will not go near the thing. Why? I ran out of dog food so just for today I substituted the low cal cat food for his breakfast. He is not a happy camper and has gas that is really polluting the air. He did jump up on the kitchen counter to help with the cat clean-up. Gross me out and gag me with a spoon.

The Koi, no names here are no trouble at all. The cold has not sent them into hibernation. I walk by the pond and they all swim up to greet me with gaping mouths. In reality it's the food they want and not my company :(.

Animals you gotta love them.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Economic Hardships

Money does not grow on trees like I previously thought. Sometimes my fantasy world is a lot happier place than my real world. In the real world I go to work every day, get a paycheck (not much) and pay bills. Prices for everything have escalated but my income has stayed right where it has been - stuck in the mud.

In Japan restaurants have compensated for these tough economic times by employing monkeys. Yes, monkey waiters. Perhaps we should give that a try. We may get better service and we can tip them with peanuts.

I have tightened my money spending by no longer feeding the birds this includes the seagulls at the beach. 'Let them fend for themselves', is my new motto. When dining out, usually at a fast food location and always from the 99 cent menu, I make sure to get extra napkins, utensils and condiments. I no longer have to purchase napkins, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper or mints. It has been a great savings on my grocery bill.

I have found a fantastic way to have dinner out without spending a dime. Some stores give out free samples of food. I know all of them. The kiosk in the mall are big on this during the holidays. No one has said anything to me about the grazing although some of the food preparers give me strange looks. One does have to make several stops at the same pizza sample station. The pieces are very small. The deli's are my favorite. They just place the food right out there with no one watching or passing it out. It's a help yourself buffet.

Another fantastic meal is the financial seminars. They are usually held at great restaurants but you must listen to the speaker for at least an hour. There is one financial planner that has his seminars at a steak house. MMMMMM. Always ask for more rolls and butter to take home with you as it makes a tasty late night snack. If you are lucky you can attend three or four a month without ever spending your hard earned cash.

Harry and David's is an all time favorite. They even have coffee. Their cups are way too small so one day I just took in my own cup. Ice cream parlors is another favorite. You can sample every flavor they have. They will not let you sample the toppings - darn! Making the rounds at these food giveaways is a real night out for hubby and me. Pickings may be slim after the holidays so the movie Wedding Crashers has given me another idea.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gone with the wind

I despise roller coasters. They give me a major headache make my tummy do backward flip flops, make me scream the death curl and they bring up previous meals. I can stand and watch a roller coaster and become sick. I also have this really kool visor.

In Florida one needs something to keep the sun off the freckles. Hats are not my thing but visors are. I have a special visor that I purchased about a year ago at the pier in St. Petersburg. It set me back $10.00. It has a colorful tropical design and it fits snugly on the head and produces no achy heads or hathair.

Did I mention my displeasure in roller coasters?

Hubby and I spent our special day at Universal Studios. We had free tickets. Our very first ride of the day was the Mummy ride. The wait was only about 30 minutes compared to the Soarin ride at Epcot that was an hour and a half. Hubby the fine man that he is talked me in to taking the Mummy ride. Seconds before we entered the ride I noticed a sign that mentioned the ride is not recommended for those with back problems, pregnant women and those that experience motion sickness. I am the motion sickness Queen.

I nudged hubby and requested he read the sign. He smiled. I said, "Is this a roller coaster?"

"It's a baby one," he whispered.

My stomach began to knot itself silly. I felt the dizziness seeping through my blood. I swallowed down the remains of breakfast.

"Why didn't you tell me this was a roller coaster?"

"It's just a mild one," sneered hubby.

Okay I think to myself there is no way I can traverse back down those stairs through masses of people to leave. I took in a deep Yoga breathe and proceeded into the coaster. It didn't look like a baby one to me. I sat down stowed my prescription sunglasses inside my womanly clothing and adjusted my visor. I took it off and squeezed it flat. But then how could I hold on desperately to the bar and hold my visor.

I put the visor back on my head and it felt snug as a bug in a rug. It should stay firmly attached to my head - I foolishly thought. Off we go into darkness as I scrunched my eyes closed. Perhaps if I don't see anything I will not get sick and be terrified for my life.

The jerky movement began. I screamed, a thousand times I must have screamed because my voice box became non existent. And then the baby curve and the rush of hot stagnant air and off with my visor. I couldn't let go of the bar to grab my precious visor and I was in the middle of a panic attack. My visor was gone with the wind. I felt sadness and then sickness.

My breakfast boiled like a great volcano ready to erupt. I leaned toward hubby. Let him get a full dose of what a baby roller coaster ride really does to me. Eject scrambled eggs.

We left the ride while I wobbled down the narrow hallway feeling the loss of my precious visor and breakfast. For some strange odd reason the ride was momentarily shut down. I'm thinking my most precious visor was resting somewhere on the tracks. The next day I checked with lost and found but came up empty headed. The visor was gone with the wind never to be seen again. Hubby will buy me a new visor.
Did I mention that I really dislike roller coaster?

St. Michaels Artists

I love art and nature. There is an abundance of art all around us. Beauty surrounds us, comforts us and inspires us. Then we have the artist who take their inspirations and talents and shower the world with their art forms.

I am the proud owner of a fantastic piece of art that hangs in my home. This lovely piece of work has traveled with me through three states and many years. In New York it hung elegantly above the fireplace. In North Carolina it claimed a prominent place on the living room wall. In Florida it adorns the wall in the family room. It is such a marvelous painting that I painted my walls to match the landscape in the painting.

This talented artist who now resides on the Eastern shore of Maryland has had her work displayed on the streets of St. Michaels. These fabulous artistic banners will be auctioned off in a few weeks. I am so pleased that I own one of her masterpieces.

Mary Ellen Mabe - you are the best. Check out her banners that graced the streets of the Eastern shore giving everyone a glimpse of nature as seen through the eyes of an artist.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Basin - apology

On a recent trip to Orlando I decided to stop at Downtown Disney to shop at my favorite bath and beauty store - Basin. Their products are wonderful, last a long time and are priced affordable. Woe is me - my shopping experience was not a positive one.
I listened to a conversation between employees that was best kept for the break room and I was ignored, overlooked and extremely frustrated by my treatment. Upon my return home (3 hours away) I sent an e-mail concerning my unpleasant experience. I also send e-mails when service and products are outstanding. I believe if you do your job and even go beyond your duties that you should be complimented.
So, off goes my e-mail and I believed that would be the last of that issue. I felt better for putting my frustration in writing. What a surprise when I received an e-mail from the employee who ignored me. I am hoping it was sincere and not forced by management. I have included the e-mail.
I will now shop online for these special products, although going to the store - touching, smelling and trying out these fantastic products is a great experience.


I would like to make an apology to the guest that came into our store.I saw the guest approach the counter from my peripheral vision. I thenturned around to see if she needed anything, using an inquisitivefacial expression, as I often do. However, I failed to physically askif she needed help, because I mistakenly assumed that she had seen myface, and didn't need my help. I wish I had thought to ask the guest.Even though she didn't ask for a sales associates help, I should havetaken the initiative and asked her if she could be helped. I thoughtthat she was in a party with the other guests at another register, orperhaps she wanted to speak to the manager, who was busy with a sale ofher own. I meant no disrespect when I began ringing up anothercustomer, as I thought that she was waiting to speak with the managerwho was busy the that time.
I would like to apologize to that guest and say that my actionswere very discourteous, neglectful and ignorant. In addition to myignorance, I worsened things by taking part in a conversation thathindered me from creating an efficient, guest-friendly environment. Asan employee, I need to be attentive all guest interaction, and thissort of behavior detracts from where my focus should be: on theguests' needs.

Blue Man Group

A stage show to blow out of the water all other stage shows. It's bizzzarrreee, crazy, hilarious, split side laughing with full audience participation. FYI - never be late for one of these productions.

It's hard to describe what goes on and why. It's just plain hysterical and unbelievable. It was not what I was expecting. You gotta go!!!!! I plan on going again and again.

The Blue Man Group leaves a lasting impression.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brats in toyland

I just read a disturbing article about parents writing letters to toy manufactures about their toy advertisements. They state it encourages their children to ask (whine) for that particular toy which in most instances is expensive. They say in these pitiful economic times it is unfair to saturate the air waves and other media with toy options for their children. They state they cannot afford these toys but their children WANT them.
Who is the parent-the decision maker here? Have you ever heard, - 'just say no?' Your child will survive without that electronic techno gadget.
I wanted many things while I was growing up in a family with 5 children. Did I ever ask - whine - or demand stuff? NO!
I accepted what I received and was glad for even the smallest of items. Yes, other kids had neat stuff and I felt left out but nothing bad happened to me - except for being a blogger. My Christmas stocking was filled with socks and underwear.
My children have wanted things but they did not always get what they wanted. How about a little more quality time with the kiddies - that is priceless.
I never promised you a rose garden - but I can let you smell and touch the real thing.
Stop blaming toy manufactures for poor parenting skills. Stand up and take the credit for what your children are. They don't need everything they see advertised.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Van Go Is Gone

I am an earring connoisseur. Over the years I have bought and received many unusual and expensive ear lobe adornments. One anniversary hubby presented me with an original pair made especially for me - they were one of a kind. Now they are none of a kind.
I purchase lovely ear bobs when we travel - a token remembrance of our excursions. I have numerous single earrings. I relate my earrings to socks in the dryer. They disappear. So, I could say with justification that - the earring ran away with the sock and the little spouse did not laugh as the cat jumped over the bed with a shiny stud clutched in her jaws.
I believe I am earring challenged. For reason unknown to me I misplace them, I break them (unintentionally) and I let the cat eat them.
I have (had) a lovely pair of pearl earrings. They are (were) delicate and beautiful. Yesterday, I was a little rushed for work and picked out my gorgeous pearl studs to adorn my lobes. I leaned over the bathroom vanity smiled at myself in the mirror and immediately dropped the earring back on the floor. I reached down to retrieve the minuscule gold plug and the tiny pearl earring slipped from my fingers. Down the drain she went to live forever or until she disintegrated in the depths of the dark. Now, I am left with a single gorgeous pearl earring. Perhaps it would look nice pinched through my right eyebrow or protruding from my lip or better yet the belly.
Alas - I shall put my solitary pearl stud in the blue satin box of onesies that sits on the top of my dresser covered with dust. Someday, someone will discover my box of treasures and wonder if they belonged to a one eared woman who became a famous painter.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Cheer

The news is still filled with doom and gloom over the economy and the state of the country. Everywhere one looks there is depression and darkness. The holidays are fast approaching and so are the festivities. I read the paper overflowing with bad news. I turn on the television with more bad news about the economy, retailers, unemployment, sluggish sales and home foreclosures. I listen to the radio and hear about seniors not being able to afford their medicine. I'm feeling that pinch right now as my health insurance refused to pay for a new medication prescribed by my doctor. I told my doctor give me something else or I go without.

The holiday parties and festivities are starting. Get dressed up, pay $50.00 per person to attend and bring a $10.00 gift. A silly gift that will most likely be regifted or packed in the closet. Eat and drink too much at the party. So, I have decided to forgo all the holiday parties, buying useless gifts, spending too much money and ending up with high blood pressure and clothes that no longer fit correctly.

I heard positive news the other day on the television and the light bulb went off. Take that money that you normally spend on parties and frivolous stuff and give to a charity. A food bank, toys for tots, a women's shelter, a soup kitchen, the list goes on and on. The rainbow is getting brighter for me and someone else. The season is giving. Spread a little cheer and joy and feel so good about it. Do you really want to attend that party?
Add a little color into someones life.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baywalk, St. Petersburg, Florida

All good or bad things come to an end. Baywalk located in downtown St. Petersburg (my old stomping grounds) has felt the economic slump crump. Like blue cheese sprinkled on a garden salad. It disappears into the dark abyss of the digestive system. Soon to be ejected by natural functions into the sewer of life, deep within the bowels of the earth.

Business, jobs, careers and hopes are traveling the curved path of destiny and falling flat as a domino.

"BAMM," a quote from Emeril.

I feel like I'm walking across a rope bridge (a very old and worn one) in an unknown jungle of terror. One lean to the left and the sound of rope snapping and boards cracking assault my ears. I will be falling down the Alice In Wonderland tunnel. I'll meet furry friends that scurry around babbling, 'I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date'. A date with my mortgage holder as they foreclose on my home. I'll hop along to my destination as cars are no longer available due to the crash and burn philosophy of the car manufacturers. Imaginary tea will be served as our precious water has dwindled and there is not enough to go around.

At this point in time fantasy seems brighter than facing the real world and the uphill battle to survive the economy flowing over the jutted rocks of the Niagara River. If we examine the end result of the rushing water spilling down over the falls - we see energy and resources. After the dominoes have all fallen down we can just get busy and stack them up again.

Every day more distressing news flashes before us and bogs us down like quicksand. If we are patient and do not panic we can crawl out of that quicksand pit of pity. Will Baywalk survive? Who knows? Will others crumble as the great divide opens wider? Most likely.

Lyrics from Queen.

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

And another one gone,

and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

Hey, I'm gonna get you too

Another one bites the dust

After the dust has settled we will brush away the leaves that are not really a pack of cards with an evil Queen of hearts, who screams, "Off with their heads." Alice is left with her thoughts, imagination and dreams. We can have what Alice had. We need hope, persistence and a vision.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tortie feels Tortured

The cat has been banned from the bedroom and she is not happy. She has become psychotic (more than she already was) and bewildered. No longer can she rip apart the under covering of the bed and climb up inside the framework.

After a week she has almost accepted her deportation from the bedroom. She watches with lust in her eyes every time the bedroom door is opened. Today she actually moved so fast that she flashed right past me and scurried under the bed. She hid in her safe place for about an hour till she heard the sound of food dropping into her dish. She was out of there like lightening.

She has moved on to the guest bedroom and is spending a huge amount of time under the couch. I'm sure by now she has shredded the under covering of the couch and made herself a new hovel.

Her world has changed and she is not not a happy camper.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I have kept for many years an image tucked away in the back recess of my thoughts. I pull out this image in times of stress, when my life is overwhelming and when my insomnia flares up. It's an image I created of a little girl (me) who runs happily through a field of bright yellow flowers and billowing weeds. She runs like an elf, free, happy and full of joy. Her long blonde curly hair bounces with every step she takes. She giggles and laughs with the wind, although I have never seen her face I know her smile is immense. Her sundress is soft and swirls around her bare legs. Her feet are bare as they gently touch the ground.

She moves with grace and rhythm across the field to somewhere unknown. She never reaches a destination - she just runs with the joy of life tugging at the ribbon in her hair. The moving image is peaceful and calming. A few times she has left the wide open field and ran down the beach.

She runs still in bare feet and the soft pastel sundress with the giggles and laughter. The blonde curls bounce like the waves. Her happiness is contagious. I can hear the surf crashing against the beach as I breathe in the salty air. I can see her tiny feet making impressions in the wet sand and feel the texture of the sand squeeze between her toes. And I consume it all with a calm soul. She takes me where I need to go and fills me with peace.

Last night I called for her and she didn't respond. I called again and again. What I received was puffy clouds and colors. No little girl skipping through a field of flowers bursting with laughter and the joy of life pushing her forward. Perhaps she has taken a vacation where my calls cannot reach her. I'm not in a panic state as yet but who knows.

The mind is a complicated piece of equipment. It knows when it needs fuel and when it needs a rest. If I need her tonight I shall call her again. If she doesn't appear I know she has a reason. Perhaps her usefulness has expired and I need to move on. Or perhaps she has grown up and I can face the world challenges with her infectious joy of life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senior Florida Drivers

They're everywhere and they cause many accidents. Seniors tooooo old to be on the roads. They crash through buildings, houses, fences and at times groups of people.
This morning I was almost one of their fatalities. I went to the post office a minor task you would think. I saw one of the old geezers backing out (they never look) so I took precautions. I walked far away from their car. They stopped in the middle of the parking lot. Who knows why?
So, I'm thinking the car is at a dead stop I can walk around it. Not a good decision. I was just past his front bumper when he gunned the gas. Scared the crap out of me! I jumped. And the old fart went barreling through the parking lot almost rear ending another car.
I believe these folks get confused and go to step on the brakes and they miss the mark. That's what many of them say after an accident.
If you can't remember what pedal is the brake and what pedal is the gas you need to STAY off the road, give up your license and take a bus.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Myakka River

Gator Country.

John Chesnut Park

Every picture tells a story.

Anclote Key

Take me away, to a better place, a secret place, a hiding place. Anclote Key perched in the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by blue water and a sense of serenity unplugged. A place for balance, quiet and a taste of the real Florida. Anclote Key is one of my favorite Florida hangouts.

Haley: Sorry For Vet's Death

I am against the war and violence in general but I do support our troops. One can be against something but still support those who are trying to make the world a better place for us. I strongly believe it is wrong and many soldiers are dying. These Americans are giving their life for all of us and how do we treat them?
There have been several articles lately concerning the Veterans Hospital in St. Petersburg and how they treat our heroes. Recently they sent home a veteran without his NEEDED oxygen. He died several hours later. What an awful death that must have been. And this is our thanks to those that have made our country a safe haven. How does this atrocity happen? Why does it continue to happen?
I have heard horror stories on the treatment of our service people and the humiliation that we bestow upon them when their medical needs are not met. What the flup is wrong with our services? How can we be proud of what we are doing. Veterans Day is a huge celebration (sales and shopping) and a day off from work for many. Perhaps if we do something positive for our heroes instead of shopping the world could be a happier place.
I step down from my pedestal and look at the world with a different view. Yes, I am still against the war and all wars but I still support our troops. Why can't we support them when they return home and need medical attention? The V.A. hospital has apologized for Mr. Szamlewski's death. Like that helps!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Endeavor Launches

I'm sitting in my backyard in my brightly painted green rocking chair dressed in my pink reindeer nightie. I feel a lump on my shoulder and reach inside and to my surprise it is a gecko resting safely on my shoulder inside my pink reindeer nightie. I let out a little scream and rip off that pink reindeer nightie right there in my backyard. I give the pink reindeer nightie a little shake and slip it back on. I'm hoping some of the neighbors were not watching the shuttle launch and my strip tease.
After the hair raising experience I was unable to sit back down on my green painted wooden rocking chair. I stand silently in my side yard gazing at the moon as clouds creep across the night sky. I see a burst of light pop over the treeline and watch in awe as the shuttle begins her journey. I am amazed that I can see from the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. A marvelous sight not so for the unwanted gecko.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Oh! How Do I Hate Thee - Sand Spurs

Let Me Count The Ways

1. They are everywhere in the yard and you cannot eradicate them. Why can't these suckers become extinct?

2. When you step on one in bare feet you need surgery to remove the dumb pricker.

3. They hurt like hull.

4. They get infected - immediately.

5. They sneak onto your socks, shoelaces, pant legs and underwear - ouch.

6. They stick like super-super super glue.

7. They bond instantly.

8. They get between the dogs pads and fur.

9. They have 9 lives.

10. They multiply like mutant rabbits.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yertle The Turtle

I purchased some new fangled (expensive) turtle food. I thought it would be a great treat for my favorite buddies.
I lifted the lid to the turtles habitat and waited for their presence. Slowly they swam over and gave me a look. This morning they are lethargic as the weather has turned cold and they like to hang out on the bottom.
I love it when they swim up and look at me with those adoring eyes. I feel special. I dropped in the new fancy (expensive) pellets and waited. The gang of reptiles floated silently near the surface and just looked at me with disinterest. The pellets floated between the lily pads. The turtles ignored the food and just looked at me with those adoring eyes. I guess we can't have it all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

See Me - Feel Me

I see signs everywhere, like the election and life in general. Just this morning after I awoke from a near nightmare, which in itself is a sign, my day was programed. I was a little disturbed by the nightmare even though it happened in the AM.
So my day began with a negative. I looked outside in to the lanai and noticed the water flowing ever so slightly over the edge of the pool directly toward the bedroom door. Hubby had started to fill the pool the previous night and forgot to turn off the hose. So the water ran all night long. I just can't wait to get that water bill. And to make matters worse he left the fence gate open. The dog, good dog that he is, apparently didn't notice.
So I'm sitting in front of the computer and I realize that I cannot see the words on the screen. I remember putting in my contacts but I certainly did not mean to put in two left eye contacts.
My signs again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Smile Pretty

Yesterday, I went for yet another crown. Not the kind you slip on your head. This is a lovely porcelain fixture that sits on a metal stump inside my mouth. Why they drill that tooth down to nothing is beyond me? They refuse to extract a tooth - it must be saved they preach. Right now I have more money invested in my mouth than my house in Florida.
I wonder if I should insure my mouth like I do my car? It has more value than my 4 year old car. Housing prices have dropped below the high water mark, car values plummet with excess mileage and the cost of groceries is over the hedge. But dental work continues to rise while our health insurance continues to pay less and the premiums go up.
False teeth are so much cheaper than root canals and crowns. Perhaps I could use my pricey revamped teeth as collateral when I purchase a new vehicle? Maybe I should have been a dentist.
A dental experience for me is always traumatic and expensive. I would say much like negotiating the purchase of a new car with aggressive sales people. I'm not sure the word 'people' is appropriate but to use profanity would be wrong.
Today we make a decision on our future. I'm hoping the new administration finds a cure for the cost of health insurance, the housing market, unemployment and a gagillion other problems facing our country. And there should be a law - punishable - by imprisonment for any dentist that asks you a question while your mouth is wide open with a drill inside and a clamp on your tongue and expect an audible answer.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The American Way

Get out and vote - tomorrow. It's your privilege, your choice and your right - exercise it. Make a difference, make a statement, make a stand.

And then, after the election no more of those ugly candidate bashing commercials. Life will go on. Gas pricing are dropping. For how long?

Deals will be broken with new ones taking there place. New ideas and ideals will swirl around. Tempers will be pushed. We will move forward. Life is good. Expect the unexpected.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Global Warming

I love to sleep with the windows flung wide open and breath in that wonderful fresh air but there are some drawbacks. At 1:48 AM the neighbors decided to have a discussion. Actually it was a full blow argument. They were in a direct line to my back open window. It's amazing how voices travel in the wee hours of the morning. I wonder if they realize this? Perhaps I could repeat their heated discussion - word for word.
I have to get up and go to work in a few hours and the disturbance was getting under my skin. I could have gotten up and closed the windows but that seemed like a violation of my rights. That's when the 'domino' effect set in motion.
For some odd reason the dog felt the need to be a moderator. He slipped out the dog door and began barking at the shrill voices. He ran back and forth along the back fence trying to serenade the couple. His barking grew frantic. I lay in bed wishing for all of them to just 'SHUT UP'. That didn't happen. I really didn't feel like getting out of bed but my choices were limited. Finally, I gave up and stumbled to the door. I whispered for the dumb mutt and he did not respond. Why does that surprise me?
I went to the garage door opened it and whistled. I could have yelled and become one with the neighbors but I felt compassion for the rest of the sleeping neighbors. The yodelling dog came in panting like a rabid dog and went straight to the bedroom with the open windows with the cool gentle breeze.
I jumped back in bed for some shut eye. The neighbors continued their discussion which seemed to be getting louder. Still, I refused to compromise and close my windows. I pulled the covers over my ears with little satisfaction. At that moment the dog started his scratching and chewing on his body parts. The vet says he has separation anxiety. The scratching and licking continued for what seemed like hours. I yelled at the beast and he ignored me. Enough already - I chased him out of the bedroom and closed the door. Let him have his anxiety separation some place else. And that place seemed to be in the backyard again - barking relentlessly. I should have closed that dog door.
Once again I call to him with no response. I go to the garage and yell his name and he comes running to me with the tongue hanging out and panting like a wild boar. I have never met a wild boar but assume they pant. I secured the dog door and went back to bed closing the bedroom door behind me. I flopped on the bed and listened to the discussion beyond my windows.
I tried my relaxing techniques to resume a restful sleep. I could feel it -almost there. I started to drift and the loud voices were fading. Then, the cat started to whine. There is no peace in a household with animals and neighbors who have early morning gripe sessions. And I just wanted some fresh air.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


My new word for the year - D.R.I.T.S. The meaning is similar to G.R.I.T.S - girls raised in the south. D.R.I.T.S. means dogs raised in the South.
We all know what it means to be a GRITS. Ms. Southern Belle, proper (sometimes) full of energy, life and persistent passion one of which is supposed to include eating your grits. With butter or without.
I am a G.R.I.T.S but I HATE grits. They are disgusting - with butter or without. Most of the time I can't even stand to look at the bowl of mush much less eat it. So much for my southern heritage.
So D.R.I.T.S came to me this weekend when I fed it to the dog. I put it in this cute little take out dish - I forget to bring him enough dog food on our weekend outing. So the grits came with breakfast and I asked for it in a to-go doggie box. And it really was for a doggie.
I opened the wonderful dish right in front of his sniffing snout and placed it on the ground. He kicked it over with his paw and walked away. Now, what can I do with this mound of grits without butter piled high in the grass?
I left it there in the grass and dirt to marinate and before too long the silly D.R.I.T.S ate it - dirt and all. It must have had the correct flavoring after being dumped in dirt. So now, he has become D.R.I.T.S.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin goes shopping

Sarah Palin states she's just an average - 'hockey mom' just like the rest of us. Have you ever seen a hockey mom show up at practice wearing a $2,000 suit? Or have you ever heard of the average hockey mom spending $150,000.00 on clothes to strut across the stage and act like a bimbo on SNL? Think about it.
The Republican National Committee has spent $150,000.00 to outfit John McCains running mate.
I think about how many prescriptions can be purchased for the elderly with a fixed income. I think about how many children can have a nutritious breakfast at school. I think about food pantries and what they could do with extra money. I think about housing for the homeless, care for those disabled, ending cancer and so many other issues that need to be addressed.
I was just given a prescription - it was a two week supply - and the cost is $184.00. I have insurance, so I have decided that I cannot afford this medication.
But your average hockey mom Sarah Palin spends thousands on her outfits. Something is very wrong here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Joe the Plumber

Seems like Joe the Plumber isn't really a plumber and he doesn't make $250,000 a year. HHHMMMM. Another McCain twist on reality.
Kevin the plumber ( a real plumber) in my neighborhood didn't make $250,000 a year. Not quite sure what he made but what I do know is that he no longer lives in my neighborhood. WHY? Because Kevin the plumber, self employed, no insurance (couldn't afford it on his own) hurt his back and was out of work for a few weeks. Houses in this area are around $200,000, not cheap but not overly priced. Kevin the plumber has three children to care for and a wife who worked a full time job. Not sliders or smucks.
Kevin the plumber paid taxes and was a good citizen. He got behind on his mortgage and his medical bills began to overload the family. Kevin the plumber closed his own plumbing business and went to work for another plumbing business to obtain health care. Soon after that his home went in to foreclosure. They moved away and the family fell apart. The American dream lost in the madness.
This can and does happen to people everyday. It needs to stop. We need health care for those who do not have it and we need tax breaks for those struggling to survive. We do not need welfare or money handed to us. We need a government who will stand behind us.
Whatever your position - VOTE!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Madonna Divorce

I've just read about the devastating news - Madonna and Guy Richie opting out for a divorce. This is the second go-round about this tragedy. This dilemma doesn't touch me nor do I care about their status or soon to be non-status. I worry about higher prices, paying a mortgage and keeping my job. Surely blogging pays no bills but it is rewarding.
My distress over this soon to be non-functioning - dysfunctional family is the children. And what about little David the adopted child? He now gets to live in a splintered household. The dynamics of the relationship with only one child being Guy's kin - how and where are his priorities dispersed?
To me this is not shattering news of the day - month -year but just a trickle of stagnant water littering the landscape. So much attention will be directed to these 'celebs' and life will go on. The next 'celeb' news will soon overshadow this blockbuster.
Divorce is not always pretty and nice and it leaves broken bodies in its wake - usually the innocent children.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Second Hand Lions

One of my favorite movies is The Second Hand Lion with Michael Caine and Robert Duval. A couple of cranky old brothers saddled with a great nephew. I love their wit and look on life. Their facial expressions also make me laugh. So I was very surprised when I found myself hiking though the underbrush on Anclote Key with two similar characters.

The boat dropped us off on the beach and I (always prepared for adventure) took with me my faithful Crocs. You can walk in water with them - they dry in seconds and keep the feet off the hot sand and boardwalk. The brothers left their sneakers on the boat. LOL. I giggled to myself. The fools I thought.

We hike up the beach to the boardwalk (about a half mile in length) and start our trek to the lighthouse. The sun beat down on our bodies and also the wooden boardwalk. Did I care? No. But the brothers were barefoot and not fancy free. Apparently they have never walked on hot burning coals. They complained the entire length of the journey. I giggled.

They did they two hop-step down the wooden (HOT) walkway. I offered them a plastic bag but they snarled. I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. More loud complaining. I giggled.

At last we made it to the lighthouse and I began snapping pictures. I caught the boys at their finest.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cat Whisperer

I recently discovered that the dog has been sneaking into my bedroom when I leave the house and napping on the bed. That sneaky mutt.
So to discourage his bad dog behavior I decided to shut the bedroom door every time I leave the house. This tactic has certainly discouraged his bad dog behavior but it has caused another issue. With puss - the cat.
Old puss is a strange beast to say the least. She has ripped a corner section from the bottom of the mattress so she can have a dark hiding place. She is not kid friendly and hides inside the mattress when they enter my dwelling. I guess this is her security cave.
Cats in general usually follow their own rules - this is puss's demeanor. She likes to be fed on her own schedule and if I do not comply there is hell to pay. Her claws are dangerous.
So yesterday before I left my humble dwelling I closed the bedroom door. Old puss was fast asleep on the kitchen counter or at least I thought. She flew off that counter like a tornado gone wild. She ran to the bedroom door and screeched. I saw those deadly claws make an appearance. She ran right up to the door crying pitifully and pacing back and forth. The screeching grew louder and more intense. She glared at me with those demon yellow eyes. She ran in circles in front of the closed bedroom door. Howling and yowling like a deranged feline. It was a full blown cat panic attack. A sorry sight to witness.
As usual, I caved and opened the bedroom door. Like a streak of lightening she flew into the bedroom and ran under the bed. She peered out at me with that smug look on her face. I placed the gate in the doorway and latched it tightly. HA!!! Let's see that fat old puss leap over the gate to get her food and water.
When I returned home puss was stretched out on the couch and she glared at me with satisfaction. I'm searching for a cat whisperer professional to help me or her with our attitudes and bad behavior.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where have all the flowers gone?

words and music by Pete Seeger
performed by Pete Seeger and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?


I went outside to scoop up tiny little baby tadpoles to feed my turtles - and what a surprise! They have gone. Gone to graveyards everyone? They were there yesterday. What happened? There must have been thousands of them. GONE. Not one left.
What will I tell they hungry turtles? Their food supply has disappeared like our economy. The tadpole supply perhaps affected the DOW? Is that why it plummeted once again? Lack of tadpoles.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

AIG - the big bail out

I wish I was a fired CEO from AIG. I could walk away with my STUPENDOUS severance package worth millions and then be hired back by the very same AIG to do consulting work for millions more. What a life.
But wait ---------------- how could I sleep knowing I screwed the American people for everything? How could I face my friends and families knowing I screwed the American people?
Apparently some CEO's from AIG and other big business have no conscious - no morality - no compassion - what they do have is greed.
And we the American people have to support these despicable scumbags in the lifestyle that they have been accustomed to. The big bail out - as we the hard working American people - who go to work every day, pay our bills and give to the community sit in a suspended bubble of uncertainty - while AIG takes its top officials to a Spa and spends $440,000.00 dollars - our dollars.
If I did what you have done I would be prosecuted for embezzlement or fraud.
Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin - Biden Debate

I watched the debate because I listened to all the media hype on Sarah Palin. They said she was so inexperienced that she was going to fall flat on her face. Well - media - wrong again. Sure does sells newspapers.
The debate was almost unforgettable. No history lessons here. Or is there?
My annoyance with the debate came at the end. All the families came up on stage for a photo op and disperse well wishes to their loved ones. And there for the whole world to see was one of Sarah Palin's children holding the baby. One of her kids is almost always holding that baby. I did see mom step off a plane with the tot in her arms - one time. My first complaint is why is it her children's job to cart around that baby? Plus the fact it was 10 pm at night that little one should be in bed fast asleep.
What really gets under my skin - IS - I have never once seen dad holding that baby. WHY? Is it not a manly thing to do in Alaska? Where is his responsibility to that baby. He's an adult. He should be holding that baby not the kids. The kids should be doing kid stuff.
So Mr. Sarah Palin do your duty and hold that baby.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dead in a Dumpster

I live in a quiet neighborhood - or at least I thought I did. This morning while dining at 'The Dirty Dog Cafe', I overheard a conversation. A rather disturbing conversation about a dead body being found in a dumpster. I immediately thought about the three year old missing from Orlando. I hurried out to purchase the paper.
I found the article small and hidden in a corner of the paper. I read the address - hold on - wait a minute!!!! That's just too close to my address. In fact, it's about four blocks from my home. No reasons or motives were given about the body of an 18 year old young man found dead in a dumpster almost in my backyard.
About a month ago several miles from my home an elderly couple was killed in the early AM. Funny thing is perhaps a half an hour before that murder my dog went on a barking rampage. He is not one to bark at the wind although he will bark at squirrels. I am thankful for my pain in the tush dog at this point in time. I feel he is a safety net. But if one intends to rob a home they will also not think twice about shooting a dog.
I wonder if there is any place that is safe from violence and crime? Probably not. More 'Beware of Dog' sign will go up around my home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called The Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of The Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills, and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. The old and frail are made young again. Those who are maimed are made whole again.
They play all day with each other. There is only one thing missing. They are not with there special person who loved them on Earth. So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up! The nose twitches! The eyes are staring! And this one suddenly runs from the group! You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her in your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet. Then you cross The Rainbow Bridger together, never again to be separated.

Author - Unknown

Mary had a Little Lamb

I had forgotten the dynamics and the importance of tasks, rules and duties in an elementary school. For instance the power one has when they are the Line Leader or the Door Holder. Children wield this power with the finesse similar to the Donald - except that their hairstyles are much more better.
Following the rules in elementary school can be difficult and tedious. Sit, stand, be quiet, pay attention - like who can do that all the time. I have difficulty sitting still for short periods of time. And my attention span is gone like hurricane Ike. We demand these rules be followed and reprimand is top priority if they are broken. I agree we all have rules to follow but - but - but!!!!!!!

Walking single file, no slacking, no loitering, following the yellow lines, no budging - the list goes on and on. It seems like imagination and creativity have no place in the halls, in the bathrooms or the lunchroom. OMG - the lunch room. What did you say? Can't hear you.
I personally like what Mary did. She broke the rules and took her lamb to school. Unfortunately today breaking the rules include bringing weapons to school - yes, in elementary school.
There is laughter, joy and fun in elementary schools and that's what it's all about. Learning the ways of the world, practicing our social skills and knowing how and when to break the rules - without getting caught.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Buy American

I've climbed up on my soapbox. It's not very high because I am a little clumsy and uncoordinated. So I take precautions when climbing.
Products from China - again they are poisoning us and our children. Are they on a mission to destroy us? Makes you wonder. Makes me wonder - perhaps because my mind wanders and sees the world on a tilted playing field. Why don't we just stop buying JUNK from China? I don't have anything against China. They did do a nice job on the Olympics - cleaned up all that dirty air for a spell. I wonder what it looks like now?
So if we really want to stop buying harmful products from China we need to produce them ourselves - in this GREAT country. The problem seems to be few manufacturing plants in our country. Well - we need to fix that problem - get our tushes out of the chair (playing too many video games) and get to work. We need to start producing products right here - right now.
I'm sure the pay will be low but it's a job and would surely come with benefits - like insurance. That's another TALLER soapbox to stand on.
Why can't we start producing our own products and employing our people? Let's start being reliant on ourselves. These are my thoughts and I stand by them. Where do you stand?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

e-mail hackers

Is nothing safe and secure? Ask Governor Palin. E-mail the sort of entity that can get some people fired or reprimanded has lots its security. Or was the security never in place.
Did it ever have security? Could some fool hack into my e-mail? What would he get? A bunch of jokes and family comments. Hardly the information anyone out there is seeking. Especially all those mass e-mails friends sent that are - 'Send this to 150 people in five minutes or receive 200 years of bad luck. Oh - I despise those'!!!!
But still it feels like a personal invasion to hack into any one's e-mail. A violation of ones private self. We can clone animals, send men to the moon and watch every one's minute waking moment but we can't stop computer hackers.
Be careful of what you write and send to cyber worlds as it may appear on the morning news.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Every Parents Nightmare

I used to be a parent (guess I still am) but now I am also a grandparent. There are many grandparents now raising their grandchildren - I have first hand experience with this.

We have specific rules about what goes on in the house and who can spend the night. So early one morning weren't my husband and I surprised to find a young lady in the kids bedroom. She was dressed appropriately for sleeping as she had on her jammies.

Funny thing is the rule was no females sleeping over and when females are in the room the door stays open. Two infractions here!! The poor girl totally humiliated (she should be ashamed) went fleeing down the sidewalk in her jammies carrying her overnight bag. HHHMMMM. Was this planned?

The kids excuse (he has plenty) was they fell asleep. Good thing she brought her jammies and her overnight bag and parked her car down the street.

We did not speak to her and run after her with weapons. We also had on jammies and what would the neighbors think? So when I read this article I could connect with the parents feelings. I think he went a little too far.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick On a Pig

The comment 'Lipstick on a pig', has taken on a new and hot meaning. He who will not be named (actually there are 2 who made this comment) made this seemingly innocent remark. Was it innocent? We could launch a watermouth gate to find out.

Back to Miss Piggy. Yes, she does wear lipstick but she's not real - to some of us. She does have an annoying personality.

My question is - Has anyone ever tried to put lipstick on a pig? They are tough little buggers to catch. Have you ever watched a pig catching contest?

Why would you want to put lipstick on a pig? Oh that's right it's a metafour? Like in four candidates attacking one another.

Pigs get a bad rap. They are not dirty stinky critters. They are cuddly, cute and do not have a fashion issue. Now this lipstick thing is pushing them over the politically correct edge.

Leave the pig alone - all of them. Oink-oink-snort -snort. Let's put lipstick on elephants and donkeys. You can pretty them up but they are still animals.
I know it's not a pig but it's the closest image I have that resembles a pig. Put a little lipstick on it and call it a pig.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Granite Countertops - Radioactive

I have blah-mundane Formica counter tops in my kitchen and bathrooms. Woe is me. I am okay with these outdated amenities - plus the fact I cannot afford to upgrade. I have to use my excess money to buy gas.
You listen to real estate agents about selling your house or having it buyer ready and they all say -GRANITE. When an agent comes in to asses your home they shake their head in sorrow when they see your old counter tops. "Upgrade", it's their motto. "You can't sell this house with that counter top. "All the home buyers want granite."
Says who? The granite industry. It seems like a HYPE to me. A pricey fad. We are being pressured to conform to someones standards.

Many of the DIY television programs push granite counter tops. Even the bathroom must display the lovely granite. And it is very pretty. The crew of the demolition derby shows just how easy this item can be installed. And the transformation is wonderful. And your pocketbook is near empty.
Why are they pushing granite counter tops on us? Why is my home unsellable with Formica counter tops?
Now someone has thrown a bump in the flawless road to a beautiful kitchen and bath. Radio active material emanating from these lovely counter tops. The war has begun.
I for one will keep my old outdated Formica counter tops. Granite counter tops do not add quality time with me and my family. The family will still hang out in the kitchen with the counter tops covered by dull-drab Formica.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

181 miles to South of the Border

My mind bounces like those Mexican jumping beans you buy at South of the Border. South of the Border (on the South Carolina/North Carolina demarcation line) is hailed as the TACKIEST gift shop in the United States. I beg to differ on that biased opinion.
One can watch and read the hilariously el-stupid signs for miles. This task help tremendously with boredumb. And the animation signs are just the cutest things. And who can resist Pedro?
Well, at least their restrooms are clean and their pizzas are hot. And the trinkets and fart cushions are to ROFLMAO.
What can I say? The drive from Florida to New York is gruesome. I really have loved South of the Border since I was a little tyke. My parents would never stop so I indulge myself and my lost childhood dreams. I stop to say - HEY- to Pedro any chance I get.
Let your inner child speak for herself.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay - in her path of destruction

I've heard numerous stories about the sound one hears just before a tornado strikes. High pitched locomotive sound. That suggestive talk is printed sharply in my mind.
Fay has sprouted many tornadoes in her wake throughout Florida. So I am on storm alert with the train sounds tucked away inside my pink mass.
This beautiful and windy morning I get up and trot to the pool for my morning dip. The waters a bit cold. I begin to walk slowly (cuz it's sooo cold) down the steps into the pool. I hear this sound - Is it a train? I don't live anywhere near a train track. I'm completely submerged in the water now and the sound grows louder.
Rescue workers will find my battered body floating face up in this pool if I don't act with urgency. I race out of the pool, grab my towel and run for cover. I listen as the garbage truck passes by my home. Well, it sounded like a train. I feel I was being proactive.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Going Out The In

Parking lots are confusing places. They have these arrows painted on the pavement that are many times faded so you never know which way is up. You have the exit and Entrance signs plastered from here to there.

And why do I always get caught going out the in? The parking lot will be completely empty and I make a wrong turn down the In row and there she is - coming my way. Dirty looks, fingers in the air, horn a honking, gram ma's going in the in. And me the wrong doer is going out the in. I try to back up but some fool (so like me) is on my bumper.

Maybe I should just walk.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Web of Terror

My biggest fear in life is - snakes. I see one and then go straight to the panic mode. I am unable to get over my fear - or total terror. My second critter fear is spiders. They creep me out, especially the big ones.

We have two medium size spiders playing dead at the bottom of the pool. I know they are faking it because if I were to go in the water they would attack me - for sure. I don't care that they have been hanging out in the same place for three days. They are stalking me!

This morning I walk to the pool thinking about taking a quick dip, although it is raining and I could get wet? There is this spidersaurus swimming in the pool. He's huge!!! He's alive!!!

Scratch that idea of taking an early morning dip. What scares me more is taking an evening dip and not properly checking out the wild waters. I will search the depths with a flashlight before I enter the waters next time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall from Grace

I have a small courtyard in front of my home covered by tiny little sharp (very sharp) white stones. I chose white to offset the Florida sun. Weeds poking through the stones is a constant battle of wills to keep my Feng Shui feeling alive. I don't believe that weeds are compatible with Feng Shui.
My courtyard is a quiet restful place where I can go and relax try to meditate, chill out or sip a fruity drink. I always wear shoes or at least my flip flops as the sharp little stones are like death needles. At times their sharpness have penetrated the souls of my thin rubber dollar store flip flops. To walk barefoot upon the stony path is forbidden - in my book of lists.
Unable to sleep with the heat and the humidity of a summer night along the gulf has led me to my private oasis. I am down to two plastic chairs in my private paradise that have face the harsh Florida sun for too many years. Once taupe colored and smooth they were a wonderful addition to my restful escape in the middle of a city. Now they are rough and colorless and blend into the stone landscape as if they are truly non existent.
So it's just me in my thin cotton nightwear a cloudy sky, the heat and the quiet of my courtyard facing the sleepless evening. I lower my sleep starved body onto the colorless plastic chair that has seen too many unforgiving sunny days and sleepless nights.
Life comes at you fast especially when you're not expecting it to. One second I sit and the next second I'm fighting with broken plastic and sharp deadly stones. What has happened to my serenity of my Feng Shui getaway? The once sun washed plastic chair has taken on a life of destruction and mutilation. It tears my thin cotton gown in more places than anyone could have ever imagined and sends me stone surfing along the shards of stones. Sharp stones. Sharp stones connecting with my lily-white flesh, tearing and disfiguring.
I know not what has been hurt the most? My pride or my body. I limp into the house leaving behind my tranquil garden of death stones and evil plastic furnishings. Blood leaves a tell-tale trail across the terra cotta tiles. I survey my wounds in the bathroom mirror. I limp out back to the pool to nurse my ravaged body. I slip silently into the cool waters of my backyard Feng Shui resort.
My ankle throbs, my arm drips blood, my raised welts turn a dark shade of purple, my ego sulks, my wounds burn as the chlorine wraps me in her clutches. I need to get better furniture for my courtyard.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Reinvent the wheel

I certainly do not want to reinvent the wheel - although the notoriety and fame would be great. I just want to invent a business opportunity for myself and by myself. Everywhere I look some one is offering me a way to make thousands of dollars - the catch is I have to buy their method. And there are hundreds if not more people out there wanting you to buy THEIR system and most are around $50 bucks. Light bulb goes off!!!! That's how they are making money selling something usually unworkable to other people.
They have testimonials and copies of their wealth posted for the suckers to drool over. The excitement builds, the anticipation explodes and wham! you buy in to their dream that you think is really your dream. They get richer and you have been suckered.
I have found some sites that offer FREE advice - yehaw - my kind of community. This very morning I came across some wise strategies. I will share and not charge unsuspecting dreamers a fortune in vain.

The video link.

You tell people...
1. Here's what I have
2. Here's what it will do for you
3. Here's what I want you to do next

Yes, it's simple, but as a very basic premise, it's a powerful process.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


When one hears that phrase - 'When the shit hits the fan', you know something isn't too pretty. What happens, 'When the shit hits the floor'? It has happened at our house quite often lately.
The old girl is 18, senile, half blind, can't hear, has constant eye infections, her body has become some kind of wart factory and she paces aimlessly as if in pain. Her back legs are stiffened with arthritis and no longer bend where they should bend. She has difficulty standing and frequently falls over. When outside she seems to be searching for something and tends to wander off, always in the road. I can't take my eyes off her for a second. She will only do her business in the driveway. 18x7=126.
I have doggie pee pads placed in two places in the house. She's has approximately a 90 % chance of hitting the pads. Since she can't see I'm thinking they must have a secret smell to attract piddlin. I don't mind the doggie pads.
Recently the number two issue has raised its ugly head. I have been feeding her soft dog food so her need to defecate has increased. I do this because she has lost quite a few teeth.
Yesterday she was playing hide the poop and she did hide half of it under the doggie pee pad. The remaining portion was in the middle of the kitchen floor.
I slip out of bed in the darkness of the morning and trudge for the kitchen. NEED coffee, need coffee. I neglect to turn on any lights - my reasons are warped.
1. Trying to save on the electric bill. LOL.
2. The kitchen light shines in the bedroom and hubby is still in lala land.
3. The kitchen window faces the street and there I stand in my ratting old nightgown.
So as I walk silently, in the dark, across the kitchen floor to get the coffee - it happens. Something soft, squishy and odorous squeezes between my toes. I walk back to the bedroom leaving a trail of poop across the tile and into the bedroom. Another one of abilities she has lost.
As the shit hits the fan and is blown through my world I think the unthinkable. Is she suffering? Has her quality of life slipped below that level? She doesn't seem happy. Should I - her caregiver/mommy for all these years step up and turn off the fan? There appears to be a sadness in her face and I believe she at times is embarrassed for her lack of control.
Some friends have said, 'you'll know when it's time.' Do I know? Is it time? Euthanasia?

3 Things

Three things from yesterday that made me happy.

1. went shopping

2. bought stuff

3. read a book

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tramp Stamp

It has nothing to do with the postal system.

I am not a fan of tattoos, it's a taboo for me. I have a low tolerance for pain and every time I see a tattooed body part I feel the pain. If you want to show off your individuality - wear a t-shirt with a stupid saying. Like the one I used to parade around in. "I'm with stupid", and an arrow pointing to my right. If you want to adorn your body with fine art buy some Native American ghost beads. I have mine and wear them all the time.
When one is 20 something the tattoo is most definitely in North America as one ages the tattoo slips down into South America on the body of a sharpei. You may have to lift the wrinkles and folds to even find the tattoo. So buy a t-shirt, they come in all sizes, colors and you can display your heritage, lack of heritage or your look alike cartoon character.
Back to the Tramp Stamp. I have seen young ladies and some that obviously are having young thoughts with their bar code prominently displayed on their back door. They always seem to wear the correct clothes that only cover up a tiny portion and show the stamp to all that pass by. I have seen these bar codes for years and cringe with the pain that travels down my backside. So, yesterday I heard someone refer to them as -Tramp Stamps - and I nearly fell out of my chair - laughing. I should do a body check on my two girls.
As for me and my body I will continue to wear t-shirts and ghost beads and Livestrong bracelets to own my identity.