Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin goes shopping

Sarah Palin states she's just an average - 'hockey mom' just like the rest of us. Have you ever seen a hockey mom show up at practice wearing a $2,000 suit? Or have you ever heard of the average hockey mom spending $150,000.00 on clothes to strut across the stage and act like a bimbo on SNL? Think about it.
The Republican National Committee has spent $150,000.00 to outfit John McCains running mate.
I think about how many prescriptions can be purchased for the elderly with a fixed income. I think about how many children can have a nutritious breakfast at school. I think about food pantries and what they could do with extra money. I think about housing for the homeless, care for those disabled, ending cancer and so many other issues that need to be addressed.
I was just given a prescription - it was a two week supply - and the cost is $184.00. I have insurance, so I have decided that I cannot afford this medication.
But your average hockey mom Sarah Palin spends thousands on her outfits. Something is very wrong here.

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