Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perponderance of the Evidence

I'm sitting in front of my computer tapping away at the keyboard once again. My window is open and I feel the cool morning breeze. The sun is still asleep so I only see darkness outside my window. The birds are chirping like that clock my former boss owned, quite annoying coming from a clock but peaceful coming from the real thing.

My neighbors American flag is lit up looking like a red white and blue Christmas tree and the spotlight shines right up the flagpole. It's another peaceful moment to begin the day with. Every minute the sky gets a little lighter as somewhere out there the sun wants to roll out of slumber and splash us awake with shards of gold.

Today is the last day of the work week as Friday is a day off. Oh, the wonder and the glory of a day off. The day off is a leftover allotted hurricane day that was never used - thank goodness. Hurricane season is just around the bend and that is distressing, but not quite as distressing as all the media hype about the swine flu. Enough already - I understand. Wash my hands, use sanitizer, don't travel and don't come in close contact with strangers.

My plans for the Orlando Disney trip is starting to cause me worry. Should I go? Should I stay home and wash my hands non-stop? I could sit here by my window tapping away at my keyboard and have some crazy Florida driver round the bend a little too fast and plow right into my home and run me over. So what are my odds at catching the swine flu compared to getting run over by crazy Florida drivers? Whoa - I had better get away from my window.

The sun still slumbers. Where is my morning greeting?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Fever

I'm sitting here in front of my computer tapping away at the keyboard with a cool breeze blowing in my open window and I raise my eyes to look up and out the window toward the east and I see the orange and blue sky painted like a genuine masterpiece right before my eyes and realize it is going to be a fantabulous day here in Florida and at work and this evening when I go for my nightly dog walk and feel the gulf breeze against my face and contemplate all I have to be thankful for.

1. a computer

2. a window with a view

3. a window that opens

4. a window with a screen

5. coffee with cream

6. a job

7. a great family

8. a pool almost fixed

9. a wonderful spouse

10. a spouse that cooks

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harley Davidson and the WAVE

Hubby and I were walking the dog early this morning down a some what busy street. We were just walking along minding our own business picking up the dog doo (that's hubbies job:)) and enjoying the beautiful spring day. When all of a sudden buzzing down the road on a big Harley Davidson came this biker dude. I like the noise they make. They had a helmet on so I couldn't see him or her very well. And then, it happened!!! He or she gave us the 'WAVE', the Harley Davidson biker 'WAVE'. I was so excited and felt special to receive the 'WAVE', I nearly dropped the dog leash.
I've seen the wave before while traveling down the highways. It seems reserved for other bikers, especially Harley Davidson bikers. So that is why I was so thrilled to receive the 'WAVE'. And we were walking not even riding a bicycle. Maybe he was doing the 'WAVE' at the dog. My first 'WAVE' and I will cherish the moment forever - or at least till something else tickles my fancy - which isn't too difficult.

Friday, April 24, 2009


A woman from South Carolina has a toasted cheese sandwich that she says has the image of Jesus on it. I'm wondering if she was too close to the fires that are raging in Myrtle Beach? She tried to sell the image on ebay but that was a bust. Bust of Jesus on the toast....HA.
So if this miraculous toasted cheese sandwich really has the image of Jesus on it why in the hull would you sell it? If this is so special and so miraculous one would think she would cherish it but no - sell - sell -sell. That's the spirit! Maybe the toasted cheese sandwich can tour the world with the shroud of Turin.
Times are hard and money is tight so I guess to make a quick buck someone would try to sell this holy toasted cheeses sandwich. The woman now keeps the sandwich in a plastic container in her bedroom. Perhaps it is a shrine? But won't it mold and attract ants and roaches? If it was in my house the dog would grab the container run outside rip off the top and devour the toasted cheese sandwich and never give a thought to the image of Jesus.

Check out the fire devastation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I didn't do it

Funny how people cannot take responsibility for their actions. The young pirates family said - he was coerced, he didn't do it. Okay.
The Craig's List med student's fiance said, he didn't do it, he was framed. Yeah right.
How many convicted criminals incarcerated are not guilty? How many students in schools caught in the act of inappropriate behavior - didn't do it? Even when there is video evidence - they didn't do it.
Why can't we just stand up and say, Yes, I did it? Why is that statement so difficult? When I find the toilet seat left in the up position why is it hubby tries to look innocent? When there is a mess on the kitchen counter, the bathroom light is left on, the side gate is left open - he shakes his head and says - not me. Well, if it was not you - who then? The dog? I know the dog does lots of bad things but he doesn't use our bathroom. If you did the deed - confess. I'm thinking of placing a camera in our bathroom to catch the culprit. Since I do not raise the seat to use the throne - I'm thinking it's not me. When I capture the culprit on video can I put it up on YouTube?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Eating Machine

We've moved past the eating of the Easter bread and have turned a corner. What goes on in this dog's mind makes me wonder. Wonder why we keep him.
We have to barricade the sofa every time we leave the house because the sneak likes to nap on the couch even though he has a nice comfy dog bed. And we can always tell from the huge amounts of dog hair he leaves behind on the sofa. Then, there's the bed! We have to shut the bedroom door when we leave or even go outside. His other fun stuff to do is roll around on our bed. I guess he is adding his scent to our love nest. LOL.
Yesterday, he outdid himself when he took the new bar of soap right out of the soap dish and ate 3/4 of the green Irish Spring soap. I hope he poops green. We found the soap remains hidden in the garage to conceal his crime. There is nothing sacred in this house around him.
I watched the Dog Whisperer last night and he solved an owners dog problem. The cute little dog ate stuff including poop. Oh, Cesar - I need your help with this untamed critter.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bill Murray at Myrtle Beach

Carl the maintenance man at the Bushwood Country Club has retired and is traveling with the Masters Golf Tournament. Rodney Dangerfield move over and let Bill Murray take the spotlight. And Bill's golf outfits have so much more class than Rodney's.

Bill Murray was seen cavorting with some locals from Myrtle Beach including my son Ed (left) and his friend Russ (right). My granddaughter, Kayla, the next Tigress Woods was also cavorting with Bill at the Barefoot Resort (Dye Club) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I don't know if the 'Dye Club' refers to their hair or what?

Looks like ole Bill is squeezing Kayla's ear (left) and the ear of her friend (right).

I've heard that Mr. Murray is very down to earth, friendly and talkative. I wonder if he is still chasing those pesky critters on the golf course? Oh Bill (Carl) we will never forget Caddyshack and your antics.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

He has Risen

My wonderful next door neighbor makes fantastic cookies at Christmas and yummy Easter bread at Easter. Yes, I'm talking about religious holidays - if you don't like that talk - too bad - get over it - and don't read this.
Every year we wait in anticipation for that fabulous Easter bread. Yesterday was the day of delivery. I sliced off a small piece for my self and hubby - slathered it with butter (not that fake margarine stuff) and savored the taste.
I placed the Easter bread wrapped in foil on the center section of our kitchen island. Hubby and I then went off to the Starz's Cafe for their tasty Friday night fish fry. Upon returning home I went to the fridge to place the remains of our fish fry dinner. I noticed a crumby mess on the kitchen floor. I knew that the kid had not been home to make this disgusting mess that leaves only one other culprit that occasionally gets into trouble.
I looked on the dining room floor and noticed the crumpled foil lying on the floor near his dog bed. There he was just sitting comfortably on his dog bed banging his huge fluffy tail against the tile floor with this really guilty stupid looking expression pasted on his face.
"Bad dog, bad dog," I screamed.
He even ate the eggs on the bread - shells and all. Nothing was left except for a few telltale crumbs on the kitchen floor. The long anticipated wait for the wonderful Easter bread was wiped out in a minute or so. What will I tell our neighbor? Perhaps she made extra.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Gotta Get A Garmin

I'm in love - I think - perhaps - maybe- well maybe not as much. The verdict is still out on the matter. The matter of the Garmin - I mean. You just have not lived until you use a Garmin. How did we ever survive without one?
I used one for the first time this weekend and I was truly enamored - in love with. How can one be in love with an inanimate object? Well, simple things amuse me and I fall for them - like a kite crashing on a windless day.
I was in a city where I had never been before so I used the Garmin (not mine). I probably would never pay that much for an electronic device when I am so electronically challenged. First the little bugger got me to IHOP with no problems except it never did tell me exactly where to turn. It did say IHOP on the right but you'd think it would have said, "Turn now you fool."
My next experiment was Walmart. I mean in a new city you must go to Walmart for something. Actually hubby was on a new camping chair mission, while I just wanted to play with the Garmin. I typed in the word - Walmart - under locations. I had no idea that U.S. 27 south had so many Walmarts. I picked one and it promptly said to make a U turn at the next legal turn. But-but-but, I can see the Walmart sigh ahead. I don't want to turn around.
On and on she went, "Take the next U turn." As we turned into the Walmart parking lot she still is sputtering - TURN. Enough already, shut up! As we are pulling into a parking space at Walmart she blabbers, "Walmart - 3.5 miles." Hello, we're here. And then my love for gadgets took a nose dive. I couldn't shut it off. Turn left - turn left - I will be hearing that in my dreams.
So, my love affair with the Garmin was fun but short lived.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fitness Guru's

Hubby purchased a new AB machine to change our kegs into 6 packs. I would have preferred a gym member ship but I could not convince him. We started with the machine yesterday and it was very difficult. He soon realized that the handles were on backwards. I believe that is why instructions are placed in with anything you buy.
It came with a wonderful DVD and recipes. I didn't know that one had to follow a diet with this apparatus in order to downgrade the keg to a 6 pack.
We started off with the beginner mode and watched in awe at the intermediate and expert mode. We never even made it to the dancercise, Pilate and cardio fitness section. It looks so easy on the video. Every muscle in my body began to ache and throb. I had a restless night in bed last night with more aches and pains. I got up this morning to check if I was on the way to a 6 pack but the keg was still present. I guess it will take more than a day to get to 6 pack size.
Today I am resting because I hurt all over like really - really - bad - awful. The new AB machine sits awkwardly in front of the television just waiting for some fool to take a ride. Tomorrow is another day.

Takeout - more than food

I believed I had seen everything until yesterday. Too hot and too lazy to cook I ordered Chinese takeout from a nearby restaurant. I walked into the store and immediately noticed the large glass vase they use as a tip jar and it was chained and padlocked to the counter. The top was taped with duck tape and a narrow slit for money to pass into. A strange decoration for sure. The chain seemed quite heavy and the padlock was tightly secured to a post.
I pointed to the unusual piece and asked the clerk why it was chained and padlocked. She said someone came in and stole all the money. This is a tip jar right in plain sight near the cash register. I suppose it never has more than a few dollars of change inside. So, some loser comes and and steals change, how disgusting. These people work hard and very long hours and bums come in and steal. How much lower can we go? I'm sure if they were really hungry and asked for food some would have been given to them. I believe the money was not going for food. Just like the people that stand on the corner with their cardboard signs that say, 'Hungry and homeless': the money rarely goes for food. It's a sad world out there.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dreams Part II

So I believe hubby's chicken dream sent my dreams into overdrive. Last night I dreamt that I started to roast a chicken (plucked and dead) in the bottom drawer of a two drawer file cabinet. I read the directions but had issues understanding the directions. They told me to plug the extension cord into and outlet and then into the chicken. I became very frustrated when I could not find a receptacle any place on the chicken and their were no picture diagrams on the directions. Then I went on to have some alien type dream about a very short child and how he got his head stuck in the wheel well of a truck. The truck was not moving so that was a good thing. And then I woke up and downed two cups of strong coffee.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crabs and Chickens.

My wonderful hubby who also is a part-time home chef told me about the dream he had last night. He said he roasted whole LIVE chickens in the oven. He's really a sick puppy if the truth was known. His dreams brought back my childhood memories. For me that is not always a good thing.
I remember the first time my father (certainly not a part-time home chef) cooked blue crabs for us. They were so cute and so blue and wiggly. He put this gigantic pot on the stove filled with water and I watched it boil. The so cute so blue crabs were waiting patiently in the kitchen sink trying to escape. I couldn't understand them wanting to run away? The water boiled and my dad said, "We're ready for the crabs".
He picked up the so cute so blue crabs and began dropping them in the boiling water. OMG! They screamed and screamed and tried to climb out of the pot but my dad whacked them back in with a wooden spoon. Soon the screaming stopped and I fled to hide in my closet. A few minutes later my dad came searching for me and said, "Crabs are ready to eat".
I hidin the closet for what seemed like forever crying for the so cute so blue crabs. I could not even think about eating them after hearing all that screaming. Later I did go in the kitchen and have a look at the remains. The so cute so blue crabs were gone and they were replaced by red crab parts. So, I was traumatised when I was young but I am able to eat crabs today without hearing those pitiful screams.
I'm not too sure about chickens.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Howl at the Moon

I went camping last weekend with my brother in the Withlacoochee State Forest. It was a rather remote area but they did have flush toilets and hot water showers. And as it should be it was in the middle of a forest. A dark and dense spooky forest along Silver Lake.

Another camper had an unruly barking dog. Not at all like our big boy who behaved quite well. Ron did not even bark one time which makes me so proud. At home his barking does get a little out of control. He has the 'bark at falling leaves syndrome' and anything else that moves near our yard. But I do feel safe and secure with the big guy roaming our fenced in back yard.

Hubby was feeling somewhat evil on our camping excursion so he constantly walked by the camp site with the barking dog to cause havoc for all the campers. I might add that is the pet owners responsibility to contain their pets and that would include barking.

The dog a very pretty Border Collie barked well into the night after 'lights out'. It annoyed me then I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up (dog barking) in need of using the facilities. They were on the other side of the campground and it was so dark outside and I was in the middle of a forest. I decided to improvise and use the outdoor facilities behind the palmetto bush. Got my business taken care of and drifted off to sleep with the sound of that darn barking dog.
Fast Forward>>>>>>>>>

Tonight I was listening to the local news and a story about the Withlacoochee State Forest caught my attention. A bobcat was wandering the Withlacoochee State Forest, scratched a young boy and bit another person. The rabid bob cat was shot and killed.

So now I'm wondering what was that misbehaving dog barking at? If that rabid bobcat was lurking around the site why didn't the big guy bark his fool head off?