Saturday, December 24, 2011

Waiting for a plane

I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my sisters' flight to arrive (three hours late) trying to get into the holiday spirit. Spending three hours at the airport waiting on a plane is not the most glorious time. After devouring ice cream (way too expensive) buying Florida nick nacks and pacing the floors I plopped my weary body down next to Gate E. There was a family singing Christmas carols holding signs and a group of people standing really close to the gate with lots of loud voices. I listened and saw an amazing act.

My heart melted into a puddle of pudding - right there by Gate E.
I saw people holding 'Welcome Home' signs, kids and adults waving American flags and retired men in military dress saluting military individuals coming through the gate.

The retired personnel announced the branch of service the individual was in and shouted 'Welcome Home'. Then all the onlookers clapped. It was awesome.

A young injured army man walked down the aisle of Gate E leaning on his cane. This is when my puddle became a roaring river. The clapping and cheering boomed inside the busy airport lounge. My heart turned over with admiration and relief - they are home. The waiting no longer seemed boring and unproductive.