Friday, October 12, 2012

The meaning of moon

I looked up into the sky this morning and the butter crescent moon looked like a giant smile.  What a way to start a Friday.  A sereneness foats and flutters saying yes-yes-yes - it's going to be a marvelous day.  During the hot summer months planes fly low above the crowded beaches pulling messages about towels, suntan lotion and rides in the sky. Life can be good if we watch for it and want it or it can just smack us right in the face - surprise.

Then again, it reminded me of a hammock strung on some lovely, awesome, spectacular, enchanted,  remote tropical island - far away from work, unhappiness and drudgery.  If I watch long enough the yellow hammock begins to swing and sway with sand dusted feet hanging over the side.  A completeness covers the hammock and the occupant. 

My mind can wander at times as my imagination burns like a forest fire out of control.  In Florida control burnsare a necessity as my mind wanderings are also a necessity for my inner being.  I kick back in my hammock in the sky and smile.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Catching a ride

Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law but it is close to stupidity.  Who in their right mind would hop on the back of an endangered manatee and go for a ride?  Why would one think it is okay to jump on a poor defenseless critter and ride the waves.  A 52 year old woman from St. Petersburg did just that and she has no excuse as she is a tourist.  She lives in Florida.  Everyone knows about the manatees and if they don't they must live in a cave without any communication from the real world. 
I really hope this slightly screwy individual gets a hefty fine.  Make her do community service and give something back to the community instead of plain stupidity. 
Riding a manatee like it was some type of mechanical bull in a bar - hello.......

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fight for whats right

There should be a law and there isn't.  So perhaps I will try to lobby for one.  I believe millions will follow me and try to get the law enacted.  Let us get together and take this to our legislators.......No work on rainy days.  Eliminate working on days that it rains but we still need to be paid........

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clouds are moving

Well, I have finally reached almost to the top of the pit that I let myself fall into.  I can see little patches of hope the color of blue whipped together with white puffy clouds.  How did this happen?  I don't know it just did.  At last I have almost, not quite, sort of reached the rim to the real world.  Even thought he real world can be a pretty ugly place to be passing thru. 

Like the dog that was obviously lost or dropped off to fend for himself roaming around the neighborhood in search of food.  Early in the evening he would creep out from between a house and follow us.  I would call to him but off he would run.  To where?  The deep dark pit that I fell into?  Perhaps.  Now he is gone back to his owners - I hope. 

The food I left out for him was uneaten.  I wonder if he knew I was trying to help?  I wonder if his owners were bleating like baby lambs at his disappearance?  Perhaps.  Then - could be they had fallen into that pit and maybe they are still there waiting and hoping for his return.  Get out of the pit - I say to myself also. 

I think I can, I think I can huffed the Little Engine that could.  I know I can I know I can whispered the shattered ego.  And then Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Okay so make scrambled eggs.  Be creative.  Be energetic.  Up inside that blue sky with the white puffed clouds is a colorful rainbow waiting to be discovered.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot pants

I will never - ever - ever again make snide remarks about the 'People of Walmart'.  I think perhaps, maybe I have a little better of an understanding of where their train station is.  I thought before the train had run off the track but now I think I see the mirror and who is looking back at me. 
This morning as I am sitting in the vet's office holding the poor hurt kitty - waiting and waiting ( they squeezed me in) but also charged me double -  the light bulb more than went off - it  - BURST.  Burst right there in front of my face - a face stricken with panic and stupidity.  Kitty is crying her pitiful ' i hate the doctor' meow and I look down to console the poor baby and EEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have my shorts on INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!!!! The total humiliation is like getting knooked down by a rogue wave in the kiddie pool. 
I look for a hole to crawl into but I am out of luck.  Kitty meows again but I'm now thinking she knows my shorts are on inside out and she is embarassed to have such an absent minded owner.  I see abathroom down the long dark hallway and I make a break for it.  DANG!!!!!!!!!  The door is locked.  My luck has never been that good and this is the icing on the cupcake and me on a diet.
Maybe no one will notice.  Maybe they will feel sorry for me and lessen the bill.  It ain't over till the fat lady sings and no one in the vets office is singing only me signing the blues.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Tonight as I was dutifully doing my laps in the pool I looked up into the powder blue sky that was almost cloudless. Hanging precariously in the western sky were several puffy pink clouds in the shape of a giant cross. The horizontal section of the cloud cross began to drip and became like feathers. Angel feathers.
Slowly night began to take over and the pink puffy clouds dazzling my imagination pointed toward the planet Venus. According to mythology Venus was the Roman goddess of Love. So my cross, angel was now pointing to a representative of Love.

It all comes together inside my head and heart.