Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pennies from Heaven

My pennies from heaven do not fall out of the sky into a little tin cup. My pennies from heaven are tossed indiscriminately into a tin Cadburys canister that sits on my dresser. Pennies can be a nuisance at times and they just seem to take up precious space in the wallet.
So my almost useless little round discs are tucked away and almost entirely forgotten till the lid will no longer fit. Then my pennies from heaven are transported in their tin Cadbury container to my credit union and are deposited into some funny looking machine.
Today my windfall was a whopping $8.36. Pennies from heaven do add up.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Name Your Vehicle

Do you name your vehicle? I know that vehicles already come with names or model names but do you make up your own? We do - always have and always will. Probably too much free time on our hands. They say your car is really who you are so what's in a name?

Some vehicles comes with bizarre names (or models) like the Accent. So do you pronounce car as carh with an accent? And what about that new Soul? Is it a spiritual car? What about vehicles with no name but numbers and letters - S150? Does it stand for the top speed of 150 and why not give it a real he man name? The Gremlin - scary by the looks alone and then add that name.

Our current vehicle is called - Baby Car because it is little. Drive up next to a big Tahoe and you feel like a little baby crawling on the floor next to a giant. Park next to an Avalanche and feel the ground shake. When a Titan drives by shake in your four mini sized tires. Recently hubby suggested changing Baby Cars name to Zippy. I say once you name a vehicle you can't change it.

In the past we have had, the Grey Ghost, Rust Bucket, the Old Folk's car
, the Green Mean Machine, Low Rider, Big Blue, the Boat, Grammas' Car
. We have never had a car with just a letter from the alphabet like the K-car. How unimaginative is that one.

Ford gives their vehicle model names that usually begin with the letter F - hhmmmm. I once owned a Ford Falcon and I called it One More Time. Then, there was the Corvair I dubbed Engine Trouble.

Today, if I owned a Toyoto I would call it Leadfoot. So is naming your vehicle weird or what?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

From my GREAT students!!!
Love it, love it, love it!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Band on the Run

I think there is a strong possibility that I have been abducted by aliens and dropped on a remote planet way-far out there in some unknown galaxy. Yesterday, I found a layer of ice on the windshield of my car. Yes, we do have a two car garage but still both vehicles sit quietly in the driveway. WHY?

Well, the two car garage is filled with everything from the kitchen sink (TRUE) to a camper. The bicycles are strung up from the ceiling because floor space is non existent. I feel like a hoarder lives in my garage. Back to the abduction and ice on my windshield.

I moved to Florida for the sunshine and warm weather - so what's up with all this cold and frosty stuff? It shouldn't happen in sunny Florida. That's why I believe me and maybe the entire state of Florida has been statenapped and sent elsewhere - without our consent.
We Floridians who like the warm weather and the squelching hot summers have been compromised.

There is a town in central Florida called Frostproof. I wonder where they came up with that name? I also wonder if it is true?

Take me away - to a better place!!! Did the aliens hear me playing that song? I didn't mean take me to the Artic.

And how does one scrape ice off of a windshield with their name badge from work? Life is tuff and then it gets cold.

I'm hoping these alien creatures who have stolen me and all the citizens of Florida find we are truly remarkable and return us to our planet where the weather is warm and we sip Margaritas as we watch the sun slowly drip into the Gulf of Mexico.
I want my warm weather back - NOW.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turtle Time

These past few days a cloud of doom and gloom has been hovering over my head. Actually it landed - smack - darn hard right on top of my soul pushing me face to face with Mother Earth. And I do so love Mother Earth and all she has to offer BUT removing dried leaves and debris from my nasal passages is not my idea of fun.

A down to earth reality check was needed - immediately. So, I sat down with my turtle friends, Cooter, Cracker, Big Al, Romeo, Juliet and Scarface and spilled my guts. They listened with their heads bobbing just above the water line listening intently to my woes. Never being judgemental or condescending.

No verbal advise from the menagerie just a head nod or a turn of the eyes to stare at me with concern or perhaps looking for a tidbit. It's almost that time of the year for brine fish and they do love their brine fish. I prefer to think they were a shoulder to cry on and not waiting for juicy morsels.

It does the soul good to have a heart to heart with creatures that are so adoring and have the patience of a saint. The cost is WAY BETTER than any shrink.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Here Come Da Judge

The fall from grace of Mr. Forked Tongue or slick tongue or lying cheating so and so. There was something about his smile that just looked dishonest to me. It was a cheap smile exposed to those that could not look beneath the curving lips. Or perhaps it was the way the lips curled that reminded me of the devil himself. Not that I have ever seen the devil in person. I've heard of the devil seen pictures of what he may look like but never met the deranged aberration face to face.

The perfect slicked back hair was another taint on the soul of the sneaky candidate. And then the cost to maintain that perfect bonnet. Enough money to feed a family of four for a month. And Mr. Forked Tongue insists that he is so involved and caring for the underprivileged. I can't see his compassion.

Obviously some one saw his compassion or perhaps she saw his vulnerability. In she went for the kill and came out with a marvelous burrow in which to keep her young fledgling. How much of the blame and shame does she accept?

In the Scarlet Letter I truly felt the pain and unfairness of the situation. Branded for life in shame without fortune. Today's version of the Scarlet Letter takes a different road and it is not the road less traveled. It's right out there on the freeway for all to see, chatter about, speculate and dissect.

Smile and tell tall tales and pretend to spin wheat into gold so the masses will believe. There was a crooked man who lived in a crooked house that told crooked lies. Tricky Dickie has met his match.