Thursday, February 18, 2010

Name Your Vehicle

Do you name your vehicle? I know that vehicles already come with names or model names but do you make up your own? We do - always have and always will. Probably too much free time on our hands. They say your car is really who you are so what's in a name?

Some vehicles comes with bizarre names (or models) like the Accent. So do you pronounce car as carh with an accent? And what about that new Soul? Is it a spiritual car? What about vehicles with no name but numbers and letters - S150? Does it stand for the top speed of 150 and why not give it a real he man name? The Gremlin - scary by the looks alone and then add that name.

Our current vehicle is called - Baby Car because it is little. Drive up next to a big Tahoe and you feel like a little baby crawling on the floor next to a giant. Park next to an Avalanche and feel the ground shake. When a Titan drives by shake in your four mini sized tires. Recently hubby suggested changing Baby Cars name to Zippy. I say once you name a vehicle you can't change it.

In the past we have had, the Grey Ghost, Rust Bucket, the Old Folk's car
, the Green Mean Machine, Low Rider, Big Blue, the Boat, Grammas' Car
. We have never had a car with just a letter from the alphabet like the K-car. How unimaginative is that one.

Ford gives their vehicle model names that usually begin with the letter F - hhmmmm. I once owned a Ford Falcon and I called it One More Time. Then, there was the Corvair I dubbed Engine Trouble.

Today, if I owned a Toyoto I would call it Leadfoot. So is naming your vehicle weird or what?

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