Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turtle Time

These past few days a cloud of doom and gloom has been hovering over my head. Actually it landed - smack - darn hard right on top of my soul pushing me face to face with Mother Earth. And I do so love Mother Earth and all she has to offer BUT removing dried leaves and debris from my nasal passages is not my idea of fun.

A down to earth reality check was needed - immediately. So, I sat down with my turtle friends, Cooter, Cracker, Big Al, Romeo, Juliet and Scarface and spilled my guts. They listened with their heads bobbing just above the water line listening intently to my woes. Never being judgemental or condescending.

No verbal advise from the menagerie just a head nod or a turn of the eyes to stare at me with concern or perhaps looking for a tidbit. It's almost that time of the year for brine fish and they do love their brine fish. I prefer to think they were a shoulder to cry on and not waiting for juicy morsels.

It does the soul good to have a heart to heart with creatures that are so adoring and have the patience of a saint. The cost is WAY BETTER than any shrink.

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