Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Band on the Run

I think there is a strong possibility that I have been abducted by aliens and dropped on a remote planet way-far out there in some unknown galaxy. Yesterday, I found a layer of ice on the windshield of my car. Yes, we do have a two car garage but still both vehicles sit quietly in the driveway. WHY?

Well, the two car garage is filled with everything from the kitchen sink (TRUE) to a camper. The bicycles are strung up from the ceiling because floor space is non existent. I feel like a hoarder lives in my garage. Back to the abduction and ice on my windshield.

I moved to Florida for the sunshine and warm weather - so what's up with all this cold and frosty stuff? It shouldn't happen in sunny Florida. That's why I believe me and maybe the entire state of Florida has been statenapped and sent elsewhere - without our consent.
We Floridians who like the warm weather and the squelching hot summers have been compromised.

There is a town in central Florida called Frostproof. I wonder where they came up with that name? I also wonder if it is true?

Take me away - to a better place!!! Did the aliens hear me playing that song? I didn't mean take me to the Artic.

And how does one scrape ice off of a windshield with their name badge from work? Life is tuff and then it gets cold.

I'm hoping these alien creatures who have stolen me and all the citizens of Florida find we are truly remarkable and return us to our planet where the weather is warm and we sip Margaritas as we watch the sun slowly drip into the Gulf of Mexico.
I want my warm weather back - NOW.

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