Friday, October 30, 2009

Color me blue

For Halloween our team at school (The Toucan Team) decided to be crayons. We even had someone dressed as the box of Crayola Crayons. Our crayon outfits were made of felt and really looked terrific. The back of the crayon costume was held together with that magical 'Velcro'.
What did we do before 'Velcro'? But even Velcro has its drawbacks. It could have been that the Velcro we used to hold together our lovely felt crayon costumes was a tad bit old. It did not stick the way we expected it to.
I'm sitting in one of the blue plastic kiddie chairs in the classroom and my Velcro became disengaged. With the haunting season upon us - I think some ghostly apparition was playing a trick on me. I stood up and I was somehow????? velcroed to the blue plastic chair.
Now I look like a melted yellow crayon dripping endlessly on a blue plastic kiddie chair. How embarrassing. How is it possible that the Velcro would not-could not stay attached to my felt costume but became stuck like permanent epoxy to the blue plastic kiddie chair?
Do I now walk around school attached to a piece of furniture and pretend it is a part of the costume? Perhaps no one will notice. And then for another strange unknown reason the batteries in my camera went dead as a doornail. So I have no proof of this strange and bizarre haunting. The paranormal brigade will never believe me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It is what it is

And I thought all the weirdos lived in Florida. Not a day goes by in the sunshine state where some senior runs their car into a building and occasionally into a crowd of people. I thought I stepped on the brake, my foot slipped, I just don't know how this happened, are many of the excuses. You are too old to be driving - get off the road.
And then there was the driver who had no arms. Yes, he lost both of his arms, did not have a valid license and drove with his feet - while drunk. He had so many tickets they would have filled a grocery cart. He continued to drive till they locked him up and threw away the key.
Now, Florida has been outdone by a northern state in the driving scenarios. Lazy-boy here he comes with the pedal to the metal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orionid Meteor Show

In the early hours of this beautiful quiet morning I lay nestled in the grass gazing upward toward the great sky. I searched with anticipation for the meteor show. I thought my location would have a direct view but - no - I was sadly disappointed. I scanned the darkened sky for anything with movement to no avail. I saw a plane race across the sky to some unknown destination but that was all.
60 meteors per minute sounds like a great display to me. It seems like I should see just one. The grass was cold and my patience was dissipating. I went back inside but could not resist the force. 'The force be with you', I believe that was a Jedi saying? I imagined that they encountered many meteor sightings on their expeditions. I trudged back outside wrapped in my fleece robe and looked up. I waited.
The stars were not aligned properly for my benefit or perhaps I was too close to city pollution to reap the best of show. It was still a calming effect laying in the cold grass looking into the wild blue yonder. Today, there will be no wishes upon a shooting star - just reality.

Friday, October 16, 2009

N1H1 internet scams

Browse the Internet for many swine flu cures and remedies. Most likely they are all scams or poppycock. You need a prescription to buy Tamiflu. This means it cannot be purchased over the Internet. HELLO! Is anybody home?

My potion to avoid the swine flu (H1N1) is to wash your hands, wash your hands and wash your hands. After those hands are scrubbed clean many, many times per day watch where you place them. Freshly washed hands on a public doorknob is a big NO NO. You have just accepted someone else's germs onto your body part which may eventually touch your mouth, nose or another body part.

I carry disinfectant wipes with me. I try never, never to touch doors, handles and other objects. This can become quite a task and may seem obsessive compulsive. Whatever! Do the best you can. When exiting a public restroom - I never, ever touch the door. Think about all those people who used the facility and did not wash their hands. YUCK. Pull out your disposable wipe or use a paper towel to exit the facility.
Many grocery stores offer wipes to cleanse carts and baskets that you use. Great idea but then the items are placed on a belt with many, many germs. We are surrounded by those nasty germs.

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!!!!!

Achoo...time to sneeze. Those little nasties can fly for miles and miles and miles. Contain your sneezes if possible. Contain them in a tissue or in the bend of your elbow. But then the little nasties are on your body or clothes but they are your little nasties. Wip out those wipes. Remind others to cover the cough or sneeze.

Wash your hands, wash your hands - again and again.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exploding Anole

Remember the photo from the Florida Everglades of a huge boa trying to devour an alligator. It didn't quite work out the way the boa had intended.

I found an anole (some people refer to them as gecko's) trying to suck down a dragonfly. Please pass the pepcid.

Reminds me of a certain insurance company and how they use animals in their commercials. Which reminds me more of how many insurance companies devour their customers.

The food chain in action. Or big business in action?

The law of attraction!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding the Flute Festival

I gotta git a Garmin to save my sanity and gas. This getting lost continues to happen to me. Last weekend we ended up on the Atlantic Coast - no where near where we should have been.

On one of my trolling adventures on the Internet (looking for jewelry making classes) I stumbled upon a Flute Festival. Sounded awesome and they had handmade jewelry.

Once again I downloaded the directions from the site. Oh what I would do for a Garmin!!!! You'd think I would have learned my lesson from the coastal disaster - but NO.

So off we go - into the wild blue yonder and believe me it was wild. Dirt roads, cows walking down the middle of them and few and far between road signs. We never did find Fergerson Ave where we were supposed to make a slight left. What is a slight left? Is it a real turn or just a pretend turn?

Thank goodness for a car with great gas mileage and a full tank. Round and round the country side we traveled looking for the Flute Festival. And me clutching directions that were no valid directions at all. Finally after hours of frustration we found the Festival and it was worth every nasty comment and wrong turn.

But I oh so need a Garmin to set me straight.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Moon Landing - BOOM!

7:29 AM Eastern time - I lay outside doing my Yoga breathing looking up - watching. Watching and waiting for the moon to fall to pieces and drop from the sky - Falling from Grace. Assault on her surfaces - a seemingly violation of Mother Nature. But she stayed there up above our world holding her own and perhaps wondering - 'fools?'

I ponder about how much water conservation we could do with a pot of $79 million dollars. I thought about how we could recycle, save lives and improve society with $79 million dollars. In an instant I saw $79 million dollars explode out there in the universe. And I saw nothing!
I worked on my deep breathing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moon Shadows

The moon blast is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning. We're going to bomb that orb supposedly looking for water. What if the moon is fragile and tilts a little to the left like the left? What if we disturb her orbit? What if all that dust that will be sent to us causes lunacy? Will some humans end up with moon dust disease? Will this fallout kill all the dinosaurs?

Will we be able to purchase moon sinkhole insurance on our homes? And will you be taking more taxes from my paycheck to pay for this lunacy liaison?
I still believe it would be more cost effective and more environmentally friendly to - shoot the moon - just by dropping our drawers. I shall reread one of my favorite books - Goodnight Moon.

Shoot The Moon

Wouldn't it be more fun, cheaper and a little like living on the wild side if we dropped our drawers and shot the moon with our backside? One would have to be careful where they - shot the moon - with a body part so as not to be hauled away in the paddy wagon.

We are spending millions of dollars on - shooting the moon - with rockets to see if there's water way up there. Let me check my calculations!!!!! Many Americans are unemployed unable to afford a home and have no health insurance. Our economy has tanked well below the - low water mark. But we have money to burn on bogus trips to the moon. Abusive trips at best. Remember what we did to the Everglades for enrichment.

Who are these people who plan these strategies? Are they from the Moon? Perhaps they want to destroy the evidence.

My strategies as in - shooting the moon with our own body parts seems a better fit for this world.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blackjack Trainer

There was a song by a band called 'Counting Cars', I found a site called Blackjack Trainer and it teaches you on how to count cards at Blackjack. This is much more productive than counting cars. I wrote a review of this awesome site.

Blackjack Trainer

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It teaches you numerous techniques even how to play blackjack and implement strategies. Card counting is made easy and simple. The winning strategies are top secret and have been proven. Take a test drive on the sites free Blackjack trainer. After utilizing the basic strategies the tutorials you can move on to the more advanced tips and strategies. Use the free Blackjack simulator to practice and become an expert at blackjack. A winning streak waits just around the corner for you. If your ultimate goal is to be an optimal blackjack player this site has it all.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park

Flipping through the endless channels on the television and I am presented with many commentators who put down our government, exploit families and make their own brand of headline news. I open the local paper and I can read about gloom and doom. The housing bust, the unemployment and the crime that seems to be everywhere. I browse the Internet and find celebrity stars that are having a bad hair day and increase in childhood obesity. The obesity issue can be fixed! The bad hair day - who cares?

I am surrounded and inundated by negativity. I feel like my senses are assaulted on a daily basis.

Where is the good? Where is the upbeat? Where is the positive?

That can be found tucked in a corner of the newspaper in very small print with an even smaller caption. Forget about hearing the good stuff on the evening news. And if you are not a big time celebrity or writing a book about lust you won't be listed on the Internet.

I came across a small article in the local paper - tucked discreetly away. Why isn't this plastered in BIG BOLD print for all to see and feel good about? Why is it that negativity takes precedence?

In the Pasco section next to the Hometown News is a wonderful and inspiring story.

Sandra Fleming, a park attendant at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park in New Port Richey, has been recognized by Pasco County for her assistance in helping a women injured at the park. Hooray for you Sandra Fleming!!!!!! Pasco County congratulates this park attendant.

Why can't we hear more of the positive that is out there? Too much negativity just deepens negativity. Let's focus on the positive side of life.
Visit the park and indulge in tranquility.