Friday, October 30, 2009

Color me blue

For Halloween our team at school (The Toucan Team) decided to be crayons. We even had someone dressed as the box of Crayola Crayons. Our crayon outfits were made of felt and really looked terrific. The back of the crayon costume was held together with that magical 'Velcro'.
What did we do before 'Velcro'? But even Velcro has its drawbacks. It could have been that the Velcro we used to hold together our lovely felt crayon costumes was a tad bit old. It did not stick the way we expected it to.
I'm sitting in one of the blue plastic kiddie chairs in the classroom and my Velcro became disengaged. With the haunting season upon us - I think some ghostly apparition was playing a trick on me. I stood up and I was somehow????? velcroed to the blue plastic chair.
Now I look like a melted yellow crayon dripping endlessly on a blue plastic kiddie chair. How embarrassing. How is it possible that the Velcro would not-could not stay attached to my felt costume but became stuck like permanent epoxy to the blue plastic kiddie chair?
Do I now walk around school attached to a piece of furniture and pretend it is a part of the costume? Perhaps no one will notice. And then for another strange unknown reason the batteries in my camera went dead as a doornail. So I have no proof of this strange and bizarre haunting. The paranormal brigade will never believe me.

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