Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoot The Moon

Wouldn't it be more fun, cheaper and a little like living on the wild side if we dropped our drawers and shot the moon with our backside? One would have to be careful where they - shot the moon - with a body part so as not to be hauled away in the paddy wagon.

We are spending millions of dollars on - shooting the moon - with rockets to see if there's water way up there. Let me check my calculations!!!!! Many Americans are unemployed unable to afford a home and have no health insurance. Our economy has tanked well below the - low water mark. But we have money to burn on bogus trips to the moon. Abusive trips at best. Remember what we did to the Everglades for enrichment.

Who are these people who plan these strategies? Are they from the Moon? Perhaps they want to destroy the evidence.

My strategies as in - shooting the moon with our own body parts seems a better fit for this world.

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