Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding the Flute Festival

I gotta git a Garmin to save my sanity and gas. This getting lost continues to happen to me. Last weekend we ended up on the Atlantic Coast - no where near where we should have been.

On one of my trolling adventures on the Internet (looking for jewelry making classes) I stumbled upon a Flute Festival. Sounded awesome and they had handmade jewelry.

Once again I downloaded the directions from the site. Oh what I would do for a Garmin!!!! You'd think I would have learned my lesson from the coastal disaster - but NO.

So off we go - into the wild blue yonder and believe me it was wild. Dirt roads, cows walking down the middle of them and few and far between road signs. We never did find Fergerson Ave where we were supposed to make a slight left. What is a slight left? Is it a real turn or just a pretend turn?

Thank goodness for a car with great gas mileage and a full tank. Round and round the country side we traveled looking for the Flute Festival. And me clutching directions that were no valid directions at all. Finally after hours of frustration we found the Festival and it was worth every nasty comment and wrong turn.

But I oh so need a Garmin to set me straight.

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