Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orionid Meteor Show

In the early hours of this beautiful quiet morning I lay nestled in the grass gazing upward toward the great sky. I searched with anticipation for the meteor show. I thought my location would have a direct view but - no - I was sadly disappointed. I scanned the darkened sky for anything with movement to no avail. I saw a plane race across the sky to some unknown destination but that was all.
60 meteors per minute sounds like a great display to me. It seems like I should see just one. The grass was cold and my patience was dissipating. I went back inside but could not resist the force. 'The force be with you', I believe that was a Jedi saying? I imagined that they encountered many meteor sightings on their expeditions. I trudged back outside wrapped in my fleece robe and looked up. I waited.
The stars were not aligned properly for my benefit or perhaps I was too close to city pollution to reap the best of show. It was still a calming effect laying in the cold grass looking into the wild blue yonder. Today, there will be no wishes upon a shooting star - just reality.

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