Friday, October 16, 2009

N1H1 internet scams

Browse the Internet for many swine flu cures and remedies. Most likely they are all scams or poppycock. You need a prescription to buy Tamiflu. This means it cannot be purchased over the Internet. HELLO! Is anybody home?

My potion to avoid the swine flu (H1N1) is to wash your hands, wash your hands and wash your hands. After those hands are scrubbed clean many, many times per day watch where you place them. Freshly washed hands on a public doorknob is a big NO NO. You have just accepted someone else's germs onto your body part which may eventually touch your mouth, nose or another body part.

I carry disinfectant wipes with me. I try never, never to touch doors, handles and other objects. This can become quite a task and may seem obsessive compulsive. Whatever! Do the best you can. When exiting a public restroom - I never, ever touch the door. Think about all those people who used the facility and did not wash their hands. YUCK. Pull out your disposable wipe or use a paper towel to exit the facility.
Many grocery stores offer wipes to cleanse carts and baskets that you use. Great idea but then the items are placed on a belt with many, many germs. We are surrounded by those nasty germs.

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!!!!!

Achoo...time to sneeze. Those little nasties can fly for miles and miles and miles. Contain your sneezes if possible. Contain them in a tissue or in the bend of your elbow. But then the little nasties are on your body or clothes but they are your little nasties. Wip out those wipes. Remind others to cover the cough or sneeze.

Wash your hands, wash your hands - again and again.

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