Sunday, September 27, 2009

Forever Florida

Moove over here come the Cracker Cattle. These spectacular Florida cows lives a great life on the Flying J Ranch associated with the Allen David Brussard Conservancy an area called Forever Florida.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Be Friends

Jim the box turtle and Toad the toad, named after the toad character in the book 'Frog and Toad' are just chillin-out in their cement (plastic) pond.

In the mornings I have noticed Toad just a sittin and a chillin in Jim's pond. He doesn't seem to be afraid or worried about me checking him out - it's more like I am the intruder - intruding upon him.

This morning I find Jim and Toad just being friends in the small person-made pond in Jim's habitat.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are Wack

An e-mail gone wack.

The way the week went.

The ceiling in our garage fell in, breaking the wire that is connected to the garage door opener so it closes and immediately opens back up. Rob is working on that. I went to the doctors about my hand and his suggestion was to live with the pain and do not grip anything with my right hand. When I told Rob about this his response was - "Tell the doctor your husband will not stand for this." I'm not sure what Rob means? Oh wait - now I get it.
Rob and I both received our flu shots.
I have a training next week about tutoring after school. I also will be attending classes on Photoshop for 9 weeks. Today I will be coloring my hair to appear 10 years younger.
Yesterday we went to Orlando and bought our rock tumbler and went to work. I have made this project Rob's hobby to keep him busy. We are excited about getting our rocks off to a good start.
We went to Basin at Downtown Disney and bought sea scrub to make us 10 years younger. Stopped in at Ghirradellis for free chocolate - dark chocolate will make us 5 years younger and then I bought lots of green veggies to slice away more years. Soon we will be back to the diaper stage. Will probably have to buy depends.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cabin Fever - Never

My thoughts on my retirement home.

10 Reasons Why Rain is Good on a Saturday

It's Saturday - a non work day - time to chill - relax - have fun - kick back - whatever - BUT - it's raining. We need the rain and I am grateful for that BUT it interferes with my weekend. Uggg. My ponds are low so the rain is a benefit. My grass, actually it's more weeds than grass But who's looking? It also is in need of the rain. So I should stop my whining and be happy BUT still a wet weekend was not in my plans.
To chase away the Royal blues caused by the rain I made a list of why the rain is beneficial.

1. help Florida with the draught
2. fill the lakes and ponds that are low (including mine)
3. green up the grass (still a ban on watering the lawn everyday)
4. help flowers blossom
5. fill up swimming pools (saves on the water bill)
6. washes the cars for free (still a ban on washing cars at home)
7. washes away all the debri from the sidewalk and driveway
8. helps us locate the leak in the bedroom ceiling
9. makes the air smell like fabric softener
10. keeps me inside to clean the house

Making that list was rather easy and it has lifted part of my royal blues to a shade of sky blue. Now I can get busy doing the laundry waxing the floors and cleaning out the garage. And all this on my day off. Yahoo!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Speech

We try to teach our children to be polite, considerate, truthful and the art of cooperation. What happened last night during the Presidential speech? Republican Rep. Joe Wilson was rude, inconsiderate and very unprofessional. Mr. Wilson you set a bad example. How can we teach our children right from wrong when we give them 'elected' role models that have no integrity?
I hope that you are shamed by actions that were captured on tape for the entire world to hear and see.
Mr. Wilson such a horrible disservice to Americans, especially those that helped you obtain this office. Obviously you were sitting on respect and public decorum. Or perhaps you changed positions with your head and backside and last night we were able to see the real you for what it is.
I may or may not agree with what our president says but I would never disrespect the Commander and Chief. Yes, we do have rights to our opinions but they should be spoken in a professional manner and not during an important speech. Mr. Wilson you owe Americans an apology for your unprofessional behavior.
Is this the kind of behavior we want our children to be exposed to? If an elected official does not respect the president how can they be beneficial to the public that has placed him in office? Mr. Wilson - 'If you can't say something nice - say nothing at all'. If you were ever on a pedestal it has surely crumbled and sits at your feet in ruin.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beast or Burden

I have an injured right thumb so it makes it quite difficult to work the keyboard and the mouse. My bandaged thumb slips right off the mouse and my pointer finger gets confused hits buttons and off I go somewhere on an Internet site that I was not aiming for. Such is life - always getting sidetracked or derailed.

The cause of my thumb injury is sitting in the window just glaring at me. She's a beast and sometimes a burden but mostly a pain in the caboose. Her temperament is at best evil. She rubs up against you in pure delight and when you go to acknowledge her presence she nails you with her dagger claws.

Sometimes I do torment her and as always I end up with the short end of the stick. This weekend I was rubbing her backside (worst part of her body to touch) and she nailed my thumb - I pulled away with her deadly claw stuck in the end of my thumb. OUCH!!!!! So the throbbing thumb is all bandaged up and still painful. My bad.

I am hoping this injury doesn't end up as 'cat scratch fever'.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MBT shoes

Just started wearing my MBT sandals. Instant relief for my back pain. My sandals are not quite as ugly as some of the shoes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tigress Golfer

Way to go Kayla. Check out this video.