Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 Reasons Why Rain is Good on a Saturday

It's Saturday - a non work day - time to chill - relax - have fun - kick back - whatever - BUT - it's raining. We need the rain and I am grateful for that BUT it interferes with my weekend. Uggg. My ponds are low so the rain is a benefit. My grass, actually it's more weeds than grass But who's looking? It also is in need of the rain. So I should stop my whining and be happy BUT still a wet weekend was not in my plans.
To chase away the Royal blues caused by the rain I made a list of why the rain is beneficial.

1. help Florida with the draught
2. fill the lakes and ponds that are low (including mine)
3. green up the grass (still a ban on watering the lawn everyday)
4. help flowers blossom
5. fill up swimming pools (saves on the water bill)
6. washes the cars for free (still a ban on washing cars at home)
7. washes away all the debri from the sidewalk and driveway
8. helps us locate the leak in the bedroom ceiling
9. makes the air smell like fabric softener
10. keeps me inside to clean the house

Making that list was rather easy and it has lifted part of my royal blues to a shade of sky blue. Now I can get busy doing the laundry waxing the floors and cleaning out the garage. And all this on my day off. Yahoo!!!!

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