Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are Wack

An e-mail gone wack.

The way the week went.

The ceiling in our garage fell in, breaking the wire that is connected to the garage door opener so it closes and immediately opens back up. Rob is working on that. I went to the doctors about my hand and his suggestion was to live with the pain and do not grip anything with my right hand. When I told Rob about this his response was - "Tell the doctor your husband will not stand for this." I'm not sure what Rob means? Oh wait - now I get it.
Rob and I both received our flu shots.
I have a training next week about tutoring after school. I also will be attending classes on Photoshop for 9 weeks. Today I will be coloring my hair to appear 10 years younger.
Yesterday we went to Orlando and bought our rock tumbler and went to work. I have made this project Rob's hobby to keep him busy. We are excited about getting our rocks off to a good start.
We went to Basin at Downtown Disney and bought sea scrub to make us 10 years younger. Stopped in at Ghirradellis for free chocolate - dark chocolate will make us 5 years younger and then I bought lots of green veggies to slice away more years. Soon we will be back to the diaper stage. Will probably have to buy depends.

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