Friday, October 12, 2012

The meaning of moon

I looked up into the sky this morning and the butter crescent moon looked like a giant smile.  What a way to start a Friday.  A sereneness foats and flutters saying yes-yes-yes - it's going to be a marvelous day.  During the hot summer months planes fly low above the crowded beaches pulling messages about towels, suntan lotion and rides in the sky. Life can be good if we watch for it and want it or it can just smack us right in the face - surprise.

Then again, it reminded me of a hammock strung on some lovely, awesome, spectacular, enchanted,  remote tropical island - far away from work, unhappiness and drudgery.  If I watch long enough the yellow hammock begins to swing and sway with sand dusted feet hanging over the side.  A completeness covers the hammock and the occupant. 

My mind can wander at times as my imagination burns like a forest fire out of control.  In Florida control burnsare a necessity as my mind wanderings are also a necessity for my inner being.  I kick back in my hammock in the sky and smile.

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