Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harley Davidson and the WAVE

Hubby and I were walking the dog early this morning down a some what busy street. We were just walking along minding our own business picking up the dog doo (that's hubbies job:)) and enjoying the beautiful spring day. When all of a sudden buzzing down the road on a big Harley Davidson came this biker dude. I like the noise they make. They had a helmet on so I couldn't see him or her very well. And then, it happened!!! He or she gave us the 'WAVE', the Harley Davidson biker 'WAVE'. I was so excited and felt special to receive the 'WAVE', I nearly dropped the dog leash.
I've seen the wave before while traveling down the highways. It seems reserved for other bikers, especially Harley Davidson bikers. So that is why I was so thrilled to receive the 'WAVE'. And we were walking not even riding a bicycle. Maybe he was doing the 'WAVE' at the dog. My first 'WAVE' and I will cherish the moment forever - or at least till something else tickles my fancy - which isn't too difficult.

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