Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crabs and Chickens.

My wonderful hubby who also is a part-time home chef told me about the dream he had last night. He said he roasted whole LIVE chickens in the oven. He's really a sick puppy if the truth was known. His dreams brought back my childhood memories. For me that is not always a good thing.
I remember the first time my father (certainly not a part-time home chef) cooked blue crabs for us. They were so cute and so blue and wiggly. He put this gigantic pot on the stove filled with water and I watched it boil. The so cute so blue crabs were waiting patiently in the kitchen sink trying to escape. I couldn't understand them wanting to run away? The water boiled and my dad said, "We're ready for the crabs".
He picked up the so cute so blue crabs and began dropping them in the boiling water. OMG! They screamed and screamed and tried to climb out of the pot but my dad whacked them back in with a wooden spoon. Soon the screaming stopped and I fled to hide in my closet. A few minutes later my dad came searching for me and said, "Crabs are ready to eat".
I hidin the closet for what seemed like forever crying for the so cute so blue crabs. I could not even think about eating them after hearing all that screaming. Later I did go in the kitchen and have a look at the remains. The so cute so blue crabs were gone and they were replaced by red crab parts. So, I was traumatised when I was young but I am able to eat crabs today without hearing those pitiful screams.
I'm not too sure about chickens.

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