Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I didn't do it

Funny how people cannot take responsibility for their actions. The young pirates family said - he was coerced, he didn't do it. Okay.
The Craig's List med student's fiance said, he didn't do it, he was framed. Yeah right.
How many convicted criminals incarcerated are not guilty? How many students in schools caught in the act of inappropriate behavior - didn't do it? Even when there is video evidence - they didn't do it.
Why can't we just stand up and say, Yes, I did it? Why is that statement so difficult? When I find the toilet seat left in the up position why is it hubby tries to look innocent? When there is a mess on the kitchen counter, the bathroom light is left on, the side gate is left open - he shakes his head and says - not me. Well, if it was not you - who then? The dog? I know the dog does lots of bad things but he doesn't use our bathroom. If you did the deed - confess. I'm thinking of placing a camera in our bathroom to catch the culprit. Since I do not raise the seat to use the throne - I'm thinking it's not me. When I capture the culprit on video can I put it up on YouTube?

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