Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Eating Machine

We've moved past the eating of the Easter bread and have turned a corner. What goes on in this dog's mind makes me wonder. Wonder why we keep him.
We have to barricade the sofa every time we leave the house because the sneak likes to nap on the couch even though he has a nice comfy dog bed. And we can always tell from the huge amounts of dog hair he leaves behind on the sofa. Then, there's the bed! We have to shut the bedroom door when we leave or even go outside. His other fun stuff to do is roll around on our bed. I guess he is adding his scent to our love nest. LOL.
Yesterday, he outdid himself when he took the new bar of soap right out of the soap dish and ate 3/4 of the green Irish Spring soap. I hope he poops green. We found the soap remains hidden in the garage to conceal his crime. There is nothing sacred in this house around him.
I watched the Dog Whisperer last night and he solved an owners dog problem. The cute little dog ate stuff including poop. Oh, Cesar - I need your help with this untamed critter.

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