Friday, April 10, 2009

Gotta Get A Garmin

I'm in love - I think - perhaps - maybe- well maybe not as much. The verdict is still out on the matter. The matter of the Garmin - I mean. You just have not lived until you use a Garmin. How did we ever survive without one?
I used one for the first time this weekend and I was truly enamored - in love with. How can one be in love with an inanimate object? Well, simple things amuse me and I fall for them - like a kite crashing on a windless day.
I was in a city where I had never been before so I used the Garmin (not mine). I probably would never pay that much for an electronic device when I am so electronically challenged. First the little bugger got me to IHOP with no problems except it never did tell me exactly where to turn. It did say IHOP on the right but you'd think it would have said, "Turn now you fool."
My next experiment was Walmart. I mean in a new city you must go to Walmart for something. Actually hubby was on a new camping chair mission, while I just wanted to play with the Garmin. I typed in the word - Walmart - under locations. I had no idea that U.S. 27 south had so many Walmarts. I picked one and it promptly said to make a U turn at the next legal turn. But-but-but, I can see the Walmart sigh ahead. I don't want to turn around.
On and on she went, "Take the next U turn." As we turned into the Walmart parking lot she still is sputtering - TURN. Enough already, shut up! As we are pulling into a parking space at Walmart she blabbers, "Walmart - 3.5 miles." Hello, we're here. And then my love for gadgets took a nose dive. I couldn't shut it off. Turn left - turn left - I will be hearing that in my dreams.
So, my love affair with the Garmin was fun but short lived.

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