Monday, April 6, 2009

Takeout - more than food

I believed I had seen everything until yesterday. Too hot and too lazy to cook I ordered Chinese takeout from a nearby restaurant. I walked into the store and immediately noticed the large glass vase they use as a tip jar and it was chained and padlocked to the counter. The top was taped with duck tape and a narrow slit for money to pass into. A strange decoration for sure. The chain seemed quite heavy and the padlock was tightly secured to a post.
I pointed to the unusual piece and asked the clerk why it was chained and padlocked. She said someone came in and stole all the money. This is a tip jar right in plain sight near the cash register. I suppose it never has more than a few dollars of change inside. So, some loser comes and and steals change, how disgusting. These people work hard and very long hours and bums come in and steal. How much lower can we go? I'm sure if they were really hungry and asked for food some would have been given to them. I believe the money was not going for food. Just like the people that stand on the corner with their cardboard signs that say, 'Hungry and homeless': the money rarely goes for food. It's a sad world out there.

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