Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Howl at the Moon

I went camping last weekend with my brother in the Withlacoochee State Forest. It was a rather remote area but they did have flush toilets and hot water showers. And as it should be it was in the middle of a forest. A dark and dense spooky forest along Silver Lake.

Another camper had an unruly barking dog. Not at all like our big boy who behaved quite well. Ron did not even bark one time which makes me so proud. At home his barking does get a little out of control. He has the 'bark at falling leaves syndrome' and anything else that moves near our yard. But I do feel safe and secure with the big guy roaming our fenced in back yard.

Hubby was feeling somewhat evil on our camping excursion so he constantly walked by the camp site with the barking dog to cause havoc for all the campers. I might add that is the pet owners responsibility to contain their pets and that would include barking.

The dog a very pretty Border Collie barked well into the night after 'lights out'. It annoyed me then I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up (dog barking) in need of using the facilities. They were on the other side of the campground and it was so dark outside and I was in the middle of a forest. I decided to improvise and use the outdoor facilities behind the palmetto bush. Got my business taken care of and drifted off to sleep with the sound of that darn barking dog.
Fast Forward>>>>>>>>>

Tonight I was listening to the local news and a story about the Withlacoochee State Forest caught my attention. A bobcat was wandering the Withlacoochee State Forest, scratched a young boy and bit another person. The rabid bob cat was shot and killed.

So now I'm wondering what was that misbehaving dog barking at? If that rabid bobcat was lurking around the site why didn't the big guy bark his fool head off?

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