Monday, April 6, 2009

Fitness Guru's

Hubby purchased a new AB machine to change our kegs into 6 packs. I would have preferred a gym member ship but I could not convince him. We started with the machine yesterday and it was very difficult. He soon realized that the handles were on backwards. I believe that is why instructions are placed in with anything you buy.
It came with a wonderful DVD and recipes. I didn't know that one had to follow a diet with this apparatus in order to downgrade the keg to a 6 pack.
We started off with the beginner mode and watched in awe at the intermediate and expert mode. We never even made it to the dancercise, Pilate and cardio fitness section. It looks so easy on the video. Every muscle in my body began to ache and throb. I had a restless night in bed last night with more aches and pains. I got up this morning to check if I was on the way to a 6 pack but the keg was still present. I guess it will take more than a day to get to 6 pack size.
Today I am resting because I hurt all over like really - really - bad - awful. The new AB machine sits awkwardly in front of the television just waiting for some fool to take a ride. Tomorrow is another day.

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