Friday, April 24, 2009


A woman from South Carolina has a toasted cheese sandwich that she says has the image of Jesus on it. I'm wondering if she was too close to the fires that are raging in Myrtle Beach? She tried to sell the image on ebay but that was a bust. Bust of Jesus on the toast....HA.
So if this miraculous toasted cheese sandwich really has the image of Jesus on it why in the hull would you sell it? If this is so special and so miraculous one would think she would cherish it but no - sell - sell -sell. That's the spirit! Maybe the toasted cheese sandwich can tour the world with the shroud of Turin.
Times are hard and money is tight so I guess to make a quick buck someone would try to sell this holy toasted cheeses sandwich. The woman now keeps the sandwich in a plastic container in her bedroom. Perhaps it is a shrine? But won't it mold and attract ants and roaches? If it was in my house the dog would grab the container run outside rip off the top and devour the toasted cheese sandwich and never give a thought to the image of Jesus.

Check out the fire devastation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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