Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perponderance of the Evidence

I'm sitting in front of my computer tapping away at the keyboard once again. My window is open and I feel the cool morning breeze. The sun is still asleep so I only see darkness outside my window. The birds are chirping like that clock my former boss owned, quite annoying coming from a clock but peaceful coming from the real thing.

My neighbors American flag is lit up looking like a red white and blue Christmas tree and the spotlight shines right up the flagpole. It's another peaceful moment to begin the day with. Every minute the sky gets a little lighter as somewhere out there the sun wants to roll out of slumber and splash us awake with shards of gold.

Today is the last day of the work week as Friday is a day off. Oh, the wonder and the glory of a day off. The day off is a leftover allotted hurricane day that was never used - thank goodness. Hurricane season is just around the bend and that is distressing, but not quite as distressing as all the media hype about the swine flu. Enough already - I understand. Wash my hands, use sanitizer, don't travel and don't come in close contact with strangers.

My plans for the Orlando Disney trip is starting to cause me worry. Should I go? Should I stay home and wash my hands non-stop? I could sit here by my window tapping away at my keyboard and have some crazy Florida driver round the bend a little too fast and plow right into my home and run me over. So what are my odds at catching the swine flu compared to getting run over by crazy Florida drivers? Whoa - I had better get away from my window.

The sun still slumbers. Where is my morning greeting?

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