Friday, May 1, 2009

Break Dancing

I e-mailed my daughter and asked if she would take her nephew my grandson for a weekend. She replied with a ‘sure, but not this weekend’. I then upped the ante and asked if he could stay with her for a whole week. I could hear her wheels spinning across the net. Well, what would he do all week long at my house while I’m at work? I would reply. The same thing he does here while we are at work, sleep till noon, eat everything in the house, leave his dirty dishes in the sink, in the bathroom and on the floor, leave a ring around the tub, drop his dirty socks in the hallway, download bad stuff on the computer, text his friends and expect to be waited on.
But then, if I told her the truth she would not take him and give us a much needed break. I’m still waiting for her e-mail response.

Update, I received her response to my begging e-mail about doing her duty as an aunt. ‘A weekend would be much better as he would be alone all day at the house with nothing to do and no place to go.’ Well, he really has nothing to do here and no place to go because he has no money. So, I guess we can only send him for a weekend; perhaps a long weekend would work. Memorial Day is right around the corner.

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