Friday, May 29, 2009

Redneck Truckers

Driving down the highway I noticed this redneck truck (judgemental of me - yes) with a bumper stick that said -' When you give shit you get hit.' How could I tell this was a Florida redneck truck? The gun in the back window, the wheels, the dirt, the dents, the Confederate Flag and some of the other crude bumper stickers.
I tried to think about what this bumper sticker meant. I thought that perhaps they would take that gun from the back window and shoot me. Scary thought so I eased off the gas to let the truck and myself get some much needed distance. That tactic didn't work for some strange reason the redneck truck slowed down. I was starting to feel like I was a target.
I wrote down the license plate number on my forever next to me steno pad and a little blurb about the truck. Yes, I did this while driving. I needed evidence in case I went MIA. I didn't want the authorities to start looking for me at the Grand Floridian hotel at Disney. Which is something I couldn't do because I have not removed twelve thousand dollars from my bank account, borrow someones license, book a room at the resort under a false name and call in a kidnapping report.
My mindless thoughts are certainly wandering around the dark side today. What causes some people to do what they do? If only I had the answer to that.
So back to the bumper sticker and the meaning. Perhaps it means they will throw rubbish out the window at me if I get too close and tailgate or blow my horn at them when that sit like a sitting dead duck when the light turns from red to green. I never honk when people sit like - 'stupid' - when the light turns green. I just try like a saint to have patience and get away from them.
Still contemplating what that bumper sticker means and also the meaning of life. I have much to think about and I'm almost late for work. I will keep this thought in the back recesses of my mind and dissect the meaning at another time.

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