Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Truth Shall Set You Free - Or Will It?

I've had a minor lapse in judgement a major thought of indiscretion. Placing the blame on someone else is always the easy way out and seems to be the road most taken. I prefer to take the road less traveled by. At times these diverges in the woods get me lost and disoriented. Something like this morning when I was doing my wifely duty and mowing the lawn. What that is not part of the wifely duty?

I was trying to do a fairly decent job of mowing the brown lawn that hardly ever grows due to lack of rain but the weeds were getting taller than me.
I tried to mow around the cedar trees but was having difficulty so I had to go into the neighbors yard to make the cut. Pun!

I jammed that big boss mower between the two cedar trees and - oh - what an awful cracking sound I heard. Then black pieces of plastic flew through the air with the greatest of ease. Once a drip irrigation system to water our flourishing cedar trees was now a pile of twisted black pieces. What have I done? Do I tell hubby - the truth of the matter? Do I take full responsibility for the episode of destruction. I know there will be a lecture and that look. Just one half of an hour before I began my wifely mowing duties the lawn man mowed the neighbors yard.

HHHHMMMM. Should I play Ms. Innocent and say nothing and mention the lawn man mowed 30 minutes before I began mowing? Or should I cry like a sissy girl and beg forgiveness? Or say nothing? I'm thinking the parts that used to be for sprinkling the cedar trees now ripped and shredded beyond recognition might spring a major leak and send our water bill over the limit and then the lawn watering police will come and investigate why we are using such an excess of water and be fined, ostracized, criticised and mortified.

I'm hoping the truth shall set me free and I will never have to mow the lawn again.

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