Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'll get you and your little dog to

When my life spirals out of control I have what I refer to as my 'vehicle' dreams. It's a dream about some type of vehicle and it is usually operated by me and totally out of control or on some collision path with disaster. I am constantly trying to figure out the meaning or underlying psychosis of my dreams.

I've read that it's not the dream but the repetitive theme of one's dreams. Cars or vehicles represent your life and when they are out of control so is your life. And with me that usually is the case and I begin trying to get my life back on track and rolling smoothly or at least with fewer bumps and road blocks.

Lately, I've been having dog dreams. Like my 100 pound shepard lying on the ever so skinny window ledge staring at me. As I look at him and wonder how did he ever jump that high with his bad hips and how did he get out of the fence? At that very instant with our stares being locked I wake up and there is the old boy staring at me through the sliding glass doors of the bedroom. Creepy at best.

The next night another bizarre dream about the Ronster Man. Last night was a little different - still a dog dream but not about my dog. My mind is working furiously this morning with an extra cup of coffee to see the correlation between my dog dreams. Are the dog dreams taking over for my vehicle dreams?

Life is spinning as usual, stress is precariously high, finances are shriveling and add the economic doom to my already floundering insecurities and I end up - just a mess. 'Going to hell in a hand basket'. Not quite sure the interpretation of that phrase but pretty sure I am edging toward that hand basket. Perhaps it is a hot air balloon basket and it will be uplifting and enjoying. Focus on the positive!!! Somewhere over the rainbow.....

My name is might-have been, I am also called no-more too-late - farewell. D. G. Rossetti.

At first this poetic piece seems to be overloaded with negativity, gloom and doom but I see it through my rose clouded glasses as an inspiration to keep my chin up and plod forward to my destination. This morning my destination is work and watching the hatchet fall. Ouch - maybe it won't be me. Rephrase that - It will not be me. Follow, follow, follow, follow - follow the yellow brick road. And the entire time Toto will be at my feet.

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