Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oil of Disappointment

I decided to make some sweet smelling fragrance stones. They contain flour, salt, cornstarch and fragrance oil. Fragrance oil is expensive so in these dire times of a down economy I only purchased one bottle of oil. That set me back an hours salary. So I needed to conserve my fragrance oil at those prices and wondered why people complain about the cost of gasoline! Apparently they have never purchased fragrance oil.

I mixed up the batter for my stones, rolled them out and cut them in cute little circle fluted designs. The fragrant stones didn't have a whole lot of fragrance and they really smelled like old flour. Must be because I skimped (a whole lot) on the expensive fragrance oil. I had a bottle of liquid potpourri and I pored it over my ill smelling fragrance stones.

I placed my now soggy bottom boys fragrance stones on a slotted baking rack and placed them in the hot Florida sun in the screened lanai. The instruction say they needed to dry and my soggy bottom boys needed lots of drying time in the hot Florida sun. I go on about my daily business of trying to look busy and staying cool. I left the house to buy groceries with nothing in my cart even coming close in price to the fragrance oil.

I read a chapter of my book, washed clothes, swept the floor and started lunch. The intense heat of the day drove me inside but for some odd strange peculiar reason the dog Ronster Man stayed outside in the hot sun. The day slipped by and I forgot about my fragrance stones baking in the hot Florida sun. Big boy Ronster Man did not forget about my fragrance stones that still smelt like old flour. The golden yellow sun was dipping below the treeline and I ventured outside in the hot humid atmosphere to retrieve my fragrance stones that weren't very fragrant and smelt like old flour. I spied my slotted baking rack sitting empty on the table top in the lanai. No fragrance stones that smelt like old flour were visible. I looked at the Ronster Man lounging by the side of the pool with remnant crumbs lying next to him.

Thoughts swirled inside my raging brain that it was a good thing that I did not use the required amount of fragrance oil that the directions stated. I hope my fragrance stones that smelt like old flour gives him permanent indigestion. In my world nothing is sacred around this fur shedding eating machine. Perhaps I could invent a new fragrance oil - Oil of Disappointment.

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