Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paint the roof WHITE

The Energy Secretary, Steven Chu wants us to paint our roofs white. Good for the earth, global warming and all that good stuff. I hear ya! I just cannot afford to do this. If you will send me stimulus money to complete this project I would surely paint the roof of my house white and also my vehicle. It will save me money on my electric bill that rises each month and keep me cooler inside my comfy home. Give me enough money and I may spray paint my brown grass white. It's brown because we can't water the lawn and then couldn't afford to water the lawn if there were no water restrictions.
One problem I see is my roof has asphalt shingles. How does one paint asphalt shingles? Perhaps you could send me enough stimulus money to buy new white asphalt shingles. Maybe someone could create a grass that is white as opposed to green and that will help the environment.
All of these solutions are very good solutions but they are expensive and in these economic difficulties it is hard to drum up a little extra cash. We waste money on such silly projects as alligator marketing - and please tell me how that is addressing the global warming situation and stabilizing our energy conservation and natural resources? Show me the money!!!! to fix the problems!!!

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