Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turtle Soup

I have acquired two more turtles. Actually one turtle and one tortoise. The little turtle is a red eared slider and he is very small. I call him a 'he' as he has been named - Scarface. The bright red markings on his face begot his name of Scarface. This was not my decision.

The land tortoise has been named - Jim - after Jim Morrison, once again not my decision. He is also small and I know very little about land turtles-tortoises. These sweet little guys are rescue turtles-tortoises.

Scarface was placed in a pond all by his little lonesome self just to make sure he was not sick. In his new spacious home I placed a large rock and that is where little Scarface stayed - under the rock. He didn't eat and barely moved which was a concern for me.

We put in a bigger, deeper and better pond in the turtle habitat for my guys. It was a daunting project. I then introduced little lonesome Scarface to the rest of the gang in the new pond. He came alive. He was reborn. It was amazing. The others accepted him into the pack with open webbed feet. Scarface loves his new habitat and his new (protective) family. I believe this is his first taste of freedom and love by those of his own kind. Scarface will do great.

Jim is in a temporary habitat until his new home can be completed. I placed sand and cedar chips in a huge plastic container added a little dish for water and gave him some store bought food especially for land turtles. Jim immediately dug himself a burrow. For a guy that has never had the opportunity to walk on the earth - I was amazed with his skill. Then, I did a little research on land turtles-tortoises. I think Jim may be a Box Turtle. Sand and cedar chips are a big no-no. I got to work and rearranged his habitat. Out with the sand and cedar chips. I searched in vain for worms in my backyard. I sliced up the one remaining apple in the house and gave him a peach. I will have to find a bait shop for his protein allotment. Jim seems very happy.

I love my two new additions to the household. My dream would be to turn my backyard into a huge and lovely natural turtle-tortoise habitat. FYI - turtles are not all that slow.

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