Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Family Reunion

I have come to the conclusion that there are no 'normal' families out there. Dysfunction is the norm and my family is right up there at the top or over the top. If it were a triathlon we would take first place. If a relay is involved we might possibly come in dragging and arguing bringing up the rear end or otherwise referred to as the horse's behind.

Family dysfunctions are rampant in my point of view. I see them everywhere like dead people. Each family has their own distinct style and mode of operation. Sometimes I get giddy just watching the interactions of other families and then I am reminded of my own family and my balloon not only burst it melts in the heat of the moment.

We are the Clampets gone to Washington riding a bike through the evening sky with an alien sitting in the basket. And if only my brother would junk that 100 year old rusted bike into the nearest recycling plant I would feel a whole lot better. He purchased a shiny sparkly brand new bike but he is saving that for when the old one falls apart. Funny how he can't see that the old one is holding together by just a few rusted spokes. Throw it away and the little dog too.

In the birth order scheme the oldest sibling is said to be a leader but then Castro was at one time a leader and that wasn't pretty. When you tell me to walk in a straight line I will immediately begin to walk in circles. You can make your wife and children jump and bow down but do not expect me to comply. You are not the boss of me even if you are the oldest.

Being the middle child the books say I have a few issues. I love my issues and they make me who I am. I believe that is why I connected with another middle child as we understand the family dynamics. Now we have started our very own dysfunctional family called moon unit one.

Sisters are special, especially younger ones. For whatever reason she follows the leader and cowers in his presence. That birth order thing gets to you every time. She tries to appease the the commander in chief and I just lurk in the shadows. It's much nicer in the shadows.

Then, we come to the baby in the family and that is 'more worser' than Pandora's Box. I will leave that mystery box firmly wrapped in open proof cellophane.

Sometimes I am surrounded by myst and mysteries. I have read the books, The Myst, and Eragon and many others that touched my soul. My soul is a tattered and fragile component of myself. The souls of my siblings is another matter.

We are who we are and that is a family no matter how dysfunctional, bizarre or off the navigational charts - we be. Perhaps this type of dysfunction is really normal and THAT is scary. Maybe all of those so called 'normal' families exist only in the minds of psychologist or writers. We are the dodo birds - one hopelessly behind the times - related to pigeons but larger than turkeys - an extinct bird on the island of Reunion.

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