Monday, October 13, 2008

Second Hand Lions

One of my favorite movies is The Second Hand Lion with Michael Caine and Robert Duval. A couple of cranky old brothers saddled with a great nephew. I love their wit and look on life. Their facial expressions also make me laugh. So I was very surprised when I found myself hiking though the underbrush on Anclote Key with two similar characters.

The boat dropped us off on the beach and I (always prepared for adventure) took with me my faithful Crocs. You can walk in water with them - they dry in seconds and keep the feet off the hot sand and boardwalk. The brothers left their sneakers on the boat. LOL. I giggled to myself. The fools I thought.

We hike up the beach to the boardwalk (about a half mile in length) and start our trek to the lighthouse. The sun beat down on our bodies and also the wooden boardwalk. Did I care? No. But the brothers were barefoot and not fancy free. Apparently they have never walked on hot burning coals. They complained the entire length of the journey. I giggled.

They did they two hop-step down the wooden (HOT) walkway. I offered them a plastic bag but they snarled. I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. More loud complaining. I giggled.

At last we made it to the lighthouse and I began snapping pictures. I caught the boys at their finest.

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