Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Madonna Divorce

I've just read about the devastating news - Madonna and Guy Richie opting out for a divorce. This is the second go-round about this tragedy. This dilemma doesn't touch me nor do I care about their status or soon to be non-status. I worry about higher prices, paying a mortgage and keeping my job. Surely blogging pays no bills but it is rewarding.
My distress over this soon to be non-functioning - dysfunctional family is the children. And what about little David the adopted child? He now gets to live in a splintered household. The dynamics of the relationship with only one child being Guy's kin - how and where are his priorities dispersed?
To me this is not shattering news of the day - month -year but just a trickle of stagnant water littering the landscape. So much attention will be directed to these 'celebs' and life will go on. The next 'celeb' news will soon overshadow this blockbuster.
Divorce is not always pretty and nice and it leaves broken bodies in its wake - usually the innocent children.

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Delia said...

I also read that Madonna's already bashing Guy Ritchie on stage at her concerts calling him "emotionally retarded". Nice. On top of everything now the children have to hear her badmouthing him.