Friday, October 10, 2008

Cat Whisperer

I recently discovered that the dog has been sneaking into my bedroom when I leave the house and napping on the bed. That sneaky mutt.
So to discourage his bad dog behavior I decided to shut the bedroom door every time I leave the house. This tactic has certainly discouraged his bad dog behavior but it has caused another issue. With puss - the cat.
Old puss is a strange beast to say the least. She has ripped a corner section from the bottom of the mattress so she can have a dark hiding place. She is not kid friendly and hides inside the mattress when they enter my dwelling. I guess this is her security cave.
Cats in general usually follow their own rules - this is puss's demeanor. She likes to be fed on her own schedule and if I do not comply there is hell to pay. Her claws are dangerous.
So yesterday before I left my humble dwelling I closed the bedroom door. Old puss was fast asleep on the kitchen counter or at least I thought. She flew off that counter like a tornado gone wild. She ran to the bedroom door and screeched. I saw those deadly claws make an appearance. She ran right up to the door crying pitifully and pacing back and forth. The screeching grew louder and more intense. She glared at me with those demon yellow eyes. She ran in circles in front of the closed bedroom door. Howling and yowling like a deranged feline. It was a full blown cat panic attack. A sorry sight to witness.
As usual, I caved and opened the bedroom door. Like a streak of lightening she flew into the bedroom and ran under the bed. She peered out at me with that smug look on her face. I placed the gate in the doorway and latched it tightly. HA!!! Let's see that fat old puss leap over the gate to get her food and water.
When I returned home puss was stretched out on the couch and she glared at me with satisfaction. I'm searching for a cat whisperer professional to help me or her with our attitudes and bad behavior.

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