Sunday, October 19, 2008

Joe the Plumber

Seems like Joe the Plumber isn't really a plumber and he doesn't make $250,000 a year. HHHMMMM. Another McCain twist on reality.
Kevin the plumber ( a real plumber) in my neighborhood didn't make $250,000 a year. Not quite sure what he made but what I do know is that he no longer lives in my neighborhood. WHY? Because Kevin the plumber, self employed, no insurance (couldn't afford it on his own) hurt his back and was out of work for a few weeks. Houses in this area are around $200,000, not cheap but not overly priced. Kevin the plumber has three children to care for and a wife who worked a full time job. Not sliders or smucks.
Kevin the plumber paid taxes and was a good citizen. He got behind on his mortgage and his medical bills began to overload the family. Kevin the plumber closed his own plumbing business and went to work for another plumbing business to obtain health care. Soon after that his home went in to foreclosure. They moved away and the family fell apart. The American dream lost in the madness.
This can and does happen to people everyday. It needs to stop. We need health care for those who do not have it and we need tax breaks for those struggling to survive. We do not need welfare or money handed to us. We need a government who will stand behind us.
Whatever your position - VOTE!!!

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