Thursday, September 4, 2008

Granite Countertops - Radioactive

I have blah-mundane Formica counter tops in my kitchen and bathrooms. Woe is me. I am okay with these outdated amenities - plus the fact I cannot afford to upgrade. I have to use my excess money to buy gas.
You listen to real estate agents about selling your house or having it buyer ready and they all say -GRANITE. When an agent comes in to asses your home they shake their head in sorrow when they see your old counter tops. "Upgrade", it's their motto. "You can't sell this house with that counter top. "All the home buyers want granite."
Says who? The granite industry. It seems like a HYPE to me. A pricey fad. We are being pressured to conform to someones standards.

Many of the DIY television programs push granite counter tops. Even the bathroom must display the lovely granite. And it is very pretty. The crew of the demolition derby shows just how easy this item can be installed. And the transformation is wonderful. And your pocketbook is near empty.
Why are they pushing granite counter tops on us? Why is my home unsellable with Formica counter tops?
Now someone has thrown a bump in the flawless road to a beautiful kitchen and bath. Radio active material emanating from these lovely counter tops. The war has begun.
I for one will keep my old outdated Formica counter tops. Granite counter tops do not add quality time with me and my family. The family will still hang out in the kitchen with the counter tops covered by dull-drab Formica.

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