Sunday, September 14, 2008

Every Parents Nightmare

I used to be a parent (guess I still am) but now I am also a grandparent. There are many grandparents now raising their grandchildren - I have first hand experience with this.

We have specific rules about what goes on in the house and who can spend the night. So early one morning weren't my husband and I surprised to find a young lady in the kids bedroom. She was dressed appropriately for sleeping as she had on her jammies.

Funny thing is the rule was no females sleeping over and when females are in the room the door stays open. Two infractions here!! The poor girl totally humiliated (she should be ashamed) went fleeing down the sidewalk in her jammies carrying her overnight bag. HHHMMMM. Was this planned?

The kids excuse (he has plenty) was they fell asleep. Good thing she brought her jammies and her overnight bag and parked her car down the street.

We did not speak to her and run after her with weapons. We also had on jammies and what would the neighbors think? So when I read this article I could connect with the parents feelings. I think he went a little too far.

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