Thursday, September 18, 2008

e-mail hackers

Is nothing safe and secure? Ask Governor Palin. E-mail the sort of entity that can get some people fired or reprimanded has lots its security. Or was the security never in place.
Did it ever have security? Could some fool hack into my e-mail? What would he get? A bunch of jokes and family comments. Hardly the information anyone out there is seeking. Especially all those mass e-mails friends sent that are - 'Send this to 150 people in five minutes or receive 200 years of bad luck. Oh - I despise those'!!!!
But still it feels like a personal invasion to hack into any one's e-mail. A violation of ones private self. We can clone animals, send men to the moon and watch every one's minute waking moment but we can't stop computer hackers.
Be careful of what you write and send to cyber worlds as it may appear on the morning news.

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