Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dead in a Dumpster

I live in a quiet neighborhood - or at least I thought I did. This morning while dining at 'The Dirty Dog Cafe', I overheard a conversation. A rather disturbing conversation about a dead body being found in a dumpster. I immediately thought about the three year old missing from Orlando. I hurried out to purchase the paper.
I found the article small and hidden in a corner of the paper. I read the address - hold on - wait a minute!!!! That's just too close to my address. In fact, it's about four blocks from my home. No reasons or motives were given about the body of an 18 year old young man found dead in a dumpster almost in my backyard.
About a month ago several miles from my home an elderly couple was killed in the early AM. Funny thing is perhaps a half an hour before that murder my dog went on a barking rampage. He is not one to bark at the wind although he will bark at squirrels. I am thankful for my pain in the tush dog at this point in time. I feel he is a safety net. But if one intends to rob a home they will also not think twice about shooting a dog.
I wonder if there is any place that is safe from violence and crime? Probably not. More 'Beware of Dog' sign will go up around my home.

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