Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mary had a Little Lamb

I had forgotten the dynamics and the importance of tasks, rules and duties in an elementary school. For instance the power one has when they are the Line Leader or the Door Holder. Children wield this power with the finesse similar to the Donald - except that their hairstyles are much more better.
Following the rules in elementary school can be difficult and tedious. Sit, stand, be quiet, pay attention - like who can do that all the time. I have difficulty sitting still for short periods of time. And my attention span is gone like hurricane Ike. We demand these rules be followed and reprimand is top priority if they are broken. I agree we all have rules to follow but - but - but!!!!!!!

Walking single file, no slacking, no loitering, following the yellow lines, no budging - the list goes on and on. It seems like imagination and creativity have no place in the halls, in the bathrooms or the lunchroom. OMG - the lunch room. What did you say? Can't hear you.
I personally like what Mary did. She broke the rules and took her lamb to school. Unfortunately today breaking the rules include bringing weapons to school - yes, in elementary school.
There is laughter, joy and fun in elementary schools and that's what it's all about. Learning the ways of the world, practicing our social skills and knowing how and when to break the rules - without getting caught.

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