Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick On a Pig

The comment 'Lipstick on a pig', has taken on a new and hot meaning. He who will not be named (actually there are 2 who made this comment) made this seemingly innocent remark. Was it innocent? We could launch a watermouth gate to find out.

Back to Miss Piggy. Yes, she does wear lipstick but she's not real - to some of us. She does have an annoying personality.

My question is - Has anyone ever tried to put lipstick on a pig? They are tough little buggers to catch. Have you ever watched a pig catching contest?

Why would you want to put lipstick on a pig? Oh that's right it's a metafour? Like in four candidates attacking one another.

Pigs get a bad rap. They are not dirty stinky critters. They are cuddly, cute and do not have a fashion issue. Now this lipstick thing is pushing them over the politically correct edge.

Leave the pig alone - all of them. Oink-oink-snort -snort. Let's put lipstick on elephants and donkeys. You can pretty them up but they are still animals.
I know it's not a pig but it's the closest image I have that resembles a pig. Put a little lipstick on it and call it a pig.

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