Friday, September 19, 2008

Buy American

I've climbed up on my soapbox. It's not very high because I am a little clumsy and uncoordinated. So I take precautions when climbing.
Products from China - again they are poisoning us and our children. Are they on a mission to destroy us? Makes you wonder. Makes me wonder - perhaps because my mind wanders and sees the world on a tilted playing field. Why don't we just stop buying JUNK from China? I don't have anything against China. They did do a nice job on the Olympics - cleaned up all that dirty air for a spell. I wonder what it looks like now?
So if we really want to stop buying harmful products from China we need to produce them ourselves - in this GREAT country. The problem seems to be few manufacturing plants in our country. Well - we need to fix that problem - get our tushes out of the chair (playing too many video games) and get to work. We need to start producing products right here - right now.
I'm sure the pay will be low but it's a job and would surely come with benefits - like insurance. That's another TALLER soapbox to stand on.
Why can't we start producing our own products and employing our people? Let's start being reliant on ourselves. These are my thoughts and I stand by them. Where do you stand?

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