Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stone Crab Claws - Dangerous

I went to the local seafood shop and picked up two huge stone crab claws. I needed theses luscious pieces of seafood for my seafood chowder. At $11.99 a pound there nearly broke the bank. This is the reason I only bought two claws and even two were quite pricey.
This would be my first time devouring this tasty morsels. Sometimes you just need to live dangerously.
The little buggers were already cooked so I needed to open them up and plop them in the chowder. That task was more difficult than I had imagined. Just crab claws I thought. HA.
I could not find my nut crackers - they were nowhere to be found. My solution was to get a wrench thingy from the garage and wack them open. Not an easy task. The claws were rather chunky and the wrench thingy would not fit around them. So I hit them several times with the wrench thingy - nothing. These guys were like stone. Hmmm, stone crabs - what a great name.
I beat at them with fury and finally a little crack appeared. I foolishly thought I could pry them open and get at that sweet meat. A task involving lots of frustration. I pounded them with the wrench thingy and somehow that lifeless claw reached over and ripped the skin right off my palm. OUCH!!!!
Today I have this ugly red (probably infected) slash across the palm of my hand from the big black claw. But - the seafood chowder was superb. My first and last time buying stone crab claws and using that wrench thingy.

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