Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where is Caylee?

Through our minds, hearts and eyes and that of the media WE the People have tried, convicted and sentenced Casey Anthony for the crime of murder. Not just any murder - but that of murdering her child. We have not an ounce of sympathy for her or her parents. What must the grandparents be going through? A hell on earth!
They stand by their daughter steadfastly. What would you do? What if this were your child being accused of this heinous crime? Would you throw them to the wolves or support them? Such a precarious position to be placed in while the rest of the world is against you.
Ignoring all the lies and deceit I wanted this child to be found alive. Still, in the back recesses of my mind I am hoping she is alive and this is not her remains found dumped in the woods. Statistics say... point the finger to the parents but....what if? If we had to walk even a block in George and Cindy's footsteps what would we feel? Where would our thoughts be?
I feel so much pain for the entire family. They love their daughter and grandchild but now both of them have been ripped from their arms. I watch people on the news shows screaming at them as if it were also their crime. Unfortunately, it is or will be their crime for eternity.
I would absolutely not want to trade places with these distraught grandparents for anything. Their world has collapsed and they are trapped forever in this limbo-hell. I believe they will never accept the probably true fact that their child committed a horrible act.
I still have this tiny glimmer of hope (that is fading fast) that Caylee may still be alive.
I watched a program on the Eisenberg case a few nights ago - another Florida tragedy. Another child missing - this one never found. Her parents accused of the crime with the stigma forever molded to their lives. We also tried and convicted them through the media.
Why do we do this?

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